January 2015 Round-up


Some days I just wonder how I manage to spend all my hours. I wake at 6 AM regardless of what I have to do yet somehow, even if I have nothing planned, not going outside or chores – anything fun, its 5 PM or its 10 PM.
I remembered to eat, did I shower? Didn’t I just have dinner? Why am I sitting in the kitchen again snacking on crackers? I’ve been holding my bladder for the past three hours – there is no line to use the bathroom, what logic circuit am I functioning on?
And then I go to bed and repeat.

Was January exciting?

I’m not too sure; I tried new products, relapsed on bad habits and my Photography addiction has returned like a bad itch.

Do all my entries sound the same – Drab, complaintive and reminiscent?

– Bad touch Bear

(Todays entry is for January 30th’s Depth, Photo challenge.)


Bo’ the other cat


About Bo’:

  •  I think she knows she ‘looks’ cute and purposely uses this to her advantage while clawing the rug.
  • She has these scary hook-like claws that dig into things and don’t let go. Often when walking she just gets stuck in things. (Blankets, furniture, the rug) I once caught her dragging one of Gma’s socks around because she couldn’t get it loose.
  • Bo’ before bed time does ‘Dancy Dance’. It is something kittens generally do – running around ONLY in the dining room with a piece of rug (Which she later eats), or a ball or mouse toy.
  • When we first got her, her papers said she was 5-6 and healthy. Her mouth was so filled with periodontal gingivitis that after 2 visits she had most of her teeth pulled.
  • She does NOT LIKE ‘MABIBBLE’ and has attempted suicide via window. I was lucky ‘MABIBBLE’ is persistent and grabbed her before the screen broke.
  • She broke a tooth fighting with ‘MABIBBLE’, damaged her right eye and probably has brain damage from all the times she ran head first into walls. Likewise ‘MABIBBLE’ has lost a pair of shoes thanks to her claws and suffered many cuts.
  • Bo’s isn’t the first name I originally gave her – but because Gma wouldn’t tolerate her original name I just call her Bo’.
  • When company comes to visit she hides under the cabinet and refuses to come out. Lately its become a bit better- after 3 hours she will come out. In the past it was so bad she would potty and lay in it.
  • She never spoke. It is only the past year she began small cries and and ‘bark’ like growls. That doesn’t mean she wont growl when provoked – I just find this strange since all cats owned spoke at some point. She has lived her 3-4 years and NOW she is speaking.
  •  When petting Bo’ she does a army crawl as if trying to get away. When you stop petting her, she manages this hurt face. Longest distance pet/crawled was 5 feet; after that point I got tired.
  •  In Gma’s eyes Bo’ (Or called little girl) can do no wrong.


There are more wonderfully annoying things I could say about Bo’ and perhaps in the future I’ll talk about her. This is my entry for Jaunary 9th’s photo challenge, Shadowed.

– Bad touch Bear

Accumalative stray thoughts – Entry for 1/29/15


The other day it was 22•F and I was just eating a popsicle. I think I’m only a Lemon flavor lover now; whatever that red flavor was I didn’t care for.

I really wore myself out Monday with taking photos and didn’t go to bed till 1AM. I am STILL editing photos from 2014! I hope to be done soon but its already Thursday – If I could be honest all I want to do is take pictures!

No one really wants to see piled up frozen rocks/glittery cat hair/a liquid density project gone awry – Right?

I have heavy eyes and a slight twinging going on in my frontal lobes. I think its from too much computer and the weather…The sun is REALLY beating me up.

I thought I would get sick when I was photographing snowflakes but I only have winter chapped cheeks leaving me looking ‘rosy cheeked’ whenever I achieve normal body temperatures.

The snow stopped on Monday but the wind stuck around till Wensday night-ish; I saw it whip up some snow drifts in a circular pattern outside. I checked that area today and it turned into a thick sheet of ice.

Does salt water really freeze? I think it does…I want to go to the Marina and see but if I were to do that, it’d have to be early in the morning. Some of the snow on the adjacent buildings have already melted so any delicate structures would obviously be gone.

A lot of stores were closed Monday- barely any people were outside. I wonder how insane it would be to go take a walk on the beach?

The guy downstairs either bought a workout machine or is just banging around for no reason. I noticed this a week ago at 3 in the god-damned-morning. It sounds like Bear clawing the cabinets trying to put away his food, its really annoying.

What is the best way to express Valentines day using a item?…Ugh I just thought of a condom – Wow, why is that the first thing that came to mind? Its almost three years now.

I want to take photos. BAD. I got inspired looking at photographs on the net but I don’t have the room to do anything complex. Guess it would be time to visit the aquarium.

Right now I’m watching Bo’ roll all over the floor cause she is happy – I’m wondering if I can wrap her up in some ribbons and do a photoshoot but she would probs claw me. I just realized I never talked about her here. Bo’ is the ‘other cat’ that lives in this APT. She is owned by Gma and makes me itch the most; her personality is the exact opposite of Bear.

Talking about itching – Bo’ KNOWS I’m allergic to her. She isn’t cuddly but she loves to lay on clothing; I forgot about this and am suffering now.

Wednesday was the day of ‘B’s. I gave Bear a bath because he is so friggin big. Found beetles in my flour so I had to improvise my baking. Still battling with banks – yes its plural. Lastly bubbles. I wonder if I can use liquid nitrogen and how much it would cost?

I read something interesting about mental illness and Ronald Regan; I had gotten the link from another blog. While I don’t classify as maniac depressive, I do have mild depression and PTSD/Anxiety issues. At the moment I blame this ALL on ‘Mabibble’ for not taking me outside.

Its so much easier to blame someone else for silly things – isn’t it?

I shipped a lens to Mabibble’s house because New Jersey has less tax than New York. They have been holding this item hostage for two weeks – I could have used it when I came across the Hawk and the snowflakes. There will be a beatdown in the weekend forecast and it has nothing to do with superbowl.

I’m a little upset still over the money/Aunt event and question if I’ll be allowed to go upstate to visit her 2nd house there…I think being so privileged has made her forget how hard it is to start from scratch with no help.

Things that need to get done before the end of the day:


Order more Bamboo tea & green rooibos tea.

Consider editing.


Re-organize pill bottle stash & lotions.

Write out shopping list – Eat broccoli that has been sitting in fridge for two weeks?

Find something valentine-y to shoot in macro.

Take a nap.

I’m going to start with taking that nap now.

-Bad touch Bear

The Great Big Scott


I was pacing about the living room windows as usual when I noticed a large flock of birds flying about. They usually number a dozen or so, yet this time they were so riled up and of a massive quantity I simply couldn’t be bothered to count. Why not count? Well just as I grabbed my camera and they sharply zoomed to the left hand side of the building – It was then I noticed him.
A Great big Scott; or rather THE greatest and biggest Scott I had ever seen. You don’t see him? Maybe there is something wrong with your eyes. The birds certainly saw him!

Great big Scott by EdibleShoes

I recall my neighbor use to say in a somewhat gloating manner, “Animals like your cats don’t go to heaven.” thus taught from one of those Jesus worshiping religions. I greatly disliked being told this even though I didn’t believe in ‘Heaven’.
I wonder what he would say if I showed him G.B.S.

-Bad touch Bear

Underwater photographers caught in sperm whale Poopnado!


Sometimes I want to explore the world more, like taking photos underwater…Then there are moments like these where I’m reminded how…Its best to just stay inside.


When Keri Wilk dived into clear waters off the island of Dominica, swimming through a massive whale poo was not in the plan. But it’s what happened.

“At first, it seemed like a regular bowel movement,” Keri explained…”But rather than continuing its dive down, it remained at the surface and continued to defecate for a startling length of time.

The “poonado” then spread through the water – ending up in Keri’s mouth – as the whale flapped its tail.

“Four of us looked at each other with confusion, then back at the whale, expecting that any second its call from nature would come to an end…

“Instead, the whale bobbed up and down, spun in circles and waved the poo in every direction for several minutes while we just sat back and watched.”

Keri said the poo ended up spreading about 30 metres around him and his three fellow divers.

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