Photography showcase of 11/23 & 11/24


I kept combatting pictures that didn’t really inspire me, this post if you haven’t realized will be photo heavy. Haven’t done one of these in a while; last night I keyboard smashed and found myself browsing the Photography tag. I should have done this post when I was more alert last night; I just spent the better part of a hour holding down the PgDn button trying to find photos from last night.

{Favorite it here}

I love how technology has enabled us to take photos on the go and that this person was using a cellphone. I still have one of my earlier cellphones, barely 2 megapixles. While the blogger @ Instanmatic gratification, I’m sure uses other formats for photography; there was no photos on the blog I really said ‘This was a bad photo’.

Don’t think I have it in me to do a photo a day post; I have a backlog from November that I’ve yet to edit.


{Favorite it here}

In my delirium, I again ended up clicking something that lead me to The owner of this blog has all sorts of goodies, I particularly liked photos taken depicting movement; they weren’t blurry and in my mental state the monks in below picture seem to be walking right now. That’s a sign I need a break from the computer I guess.

{Favorite it here}


YELLOW! Or is it Orange? I just started following this person for the foreign fauna they come across not realizing there were also ample examples of wildlife – It doesn’t take much to impress me, I loved most of the photos present on his blog;

Christmas Tree Nuytsia floribunda Perth Hills Western Australia Moodjar

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Rose tipped Mulla Mulla Pom Poms Ptilotus manglesii

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Looks like a duster, I cant believe plants like this exist! Its called a mulla rose tipped something. My sinuses are not allowing smartness so lets just look at some more pretty pictures.

Eucalyptus caesia Silver Princess Gungurru

{Favorite it here}

Common Brushtail Possum Lesmurdie Falls National Park Mundy Perth Hills Western Australia

Look at those eyes! {Favorite it here}

Boats ♥ {Favorite it here}

Tower Bridge

I think I liked the editing done to this photo and how all the vertical poles line up with the person standing; I generally don’t like photos with people in them. {Favorite it here}

Decorated sand tree on the beach at sunset, Fort Myers Beach, FL.

The time of day this was taken takes away from the overall attitude making this photo look somber; I think I need to stare at this a lil longer since right now I feel so spacy from color overload. {Favorite it here}

I admire this photo for two reasons, its a night time shot and there is fog. I was never good with either subject; {Favorite it here}

And lastly because I never really want to end a post with a B/W photo;

This photo was also taken with a cell phone, their entire blog has shots only taken with a mobile device – I haven’t fully explored the blog so I cant attest to how all the photos look. {Favorite it here}


I’m done – My eyes are twitching from the visual overload, think I’ll do a watcher showcase soon…Preferably when I’m not impersonating a drunkard.

Thanks for lookin,

-Bad touch Bear


Snottily yours, Entry for 12/23


Toss, turn and suffocate.

Then there is toss, toss, lost blanket, something sticky is escaping nose, damp bedding and loud mouth breathing.

The pants are no where to be found, my hand plops into a colony of sinus runoff.

I’m listening to Bear breathe VS my own, he always wheezes; I sound like him.

Said I was sick; now my main goal is to make sure I throw away all my tissues, not touch my eyes (and get pink eye), and not to irritate my nostrils too much from blowing (and get a major nose bleed).

Its a maddeningly 80 degrees in this Apartment and I CAN’T shut off the heat. Grandma complains that the fan is on 24/7 and even with the window open, I’m not guaranteed any relief. Her legs are so scaly, beyond alligator skin; with all the skin lotion I buy, you think she would take a hint and take better care of her largest organ.

Culture differences? The way she was brought up? I give up, maybe she is just plain lazy. I think it might be the last option offered. You would think since she is bent over all the time she would take more interest in caring for her body parts that don’t hurt.

One year I decided to put lotion on Grandma’s feet; I was already on the floor and had previously done it for ‘Mabibble’. What I encountered there was alien terrain. The skin between her toes, the CRUST UNDER HER NAILS, and the nails themselves – Gnarled and misshapen, long and slightly curling inward, faded and peeling nail polish; A color I could no longer specify – munster-yellowed-offwhite-dirtypink? Some shade of decayed yellow.

I now knew why when she went to get a manicure, the Asian worker didn’t bother to cut her nails…All that gunk I got out from between and under her toes was sticky and had a slight sweet sour smell of decay. Her nails couldn’t fit between the nail clipper’s blades and I had to get scissors.

I KNOW I’m sick when not only do I have physical symptoms but my dreams are wild and savage and involve past situations that have been embellished to nightmarish proportions.

By the way, would anyone like some lemon curd?

My face is deflating so I think by tomorrow I wont need to worry about the walls attacking and having to fight gravity.

Snot is a  liquid right? Its also amazingly sticky – Would it be weird to make a snot monument?

Yellow is suppose to be a color that induces happiness too! All I feel is water logged, bloated and dopey.

An example:

HEY! {Made contact with something}
You don’t say? {Suffering from massive brain twitching/stabbing due to Sinus compression}
This taste like no-no. {Somehow I magically got snot all over my face and into my mouth, I’m plumping my cheeks as I realize this}
– Encounter ‘FEED ME’ Bear –
I didn’t know you had a mute button? {Due to Sinus compression/decompression, I hear everything wrong. Cat screaming + my cellphone suddenly permently dying, I decide the best action to take is open a can of cat food… Yet instead of putting it in a food bowl – I smash the wet food on the kitchen counter and stumble away}

THAT one-sided-dialogue was this morning was full of WIN, I forget where I was going with this entry; This isn’t Ketchup Mr.Spock…



– Bad touch Bear

Liquid fail, Entry for 12/22


A month or two back I had a little poll asking what my newest subject of interest should be; and finding ‘Liquid’ to have two votes…where I only had 3 votes in total; I began priming objects to photograph.

It seems the best ‘liquid’ subject would involve my grandmother.
No I’m not going to photograph my grandmother in the process of having liquid shits, that’s just borderline fetish-like and gross. I’ve managed to get a photo of snot escaping her nose in a cartoonish like drop, and her spilling her water (from a cup) plenty of times but in all the photos, she is half asleep or well; I’m not in the business of hurting feelings of the elderly – not that she even looks at my photography.

She thinks it a stupid venture and a waste of time; so much that she has hindered my projects by throwing out things I was going to photograph.

So far the casualties are:

An banana in the process of decay/Liquefying.

Leaves frozen with delicate ice crystals.

Oil frozen in water.

A liquid density project.

And JUST BECAUSE I WAS GETTING FED UP; One of her socks frozen in a Tupperware.

I’m so cranky and tired right now that I just want to give up; it doesn’t help that the Nikon I have bought has all these foreign features that I’ve yet to master. Like yesterday at a family gathering I was attempting continuous focus on a moving object, my cousins dog. Obviously it didn’t work out and the photos I DID capture…The yard is full of doggy poops, the dog enjoys EATING POOPS and besides the dog being ‘brown’ I just about screamed in frustration.

Cats are so much easier to photograph! Well my cats are anyway. I don’t need to wiggle food in their faces and almost loose a appendage or fear for my camera lens cause two dogs decided to body slam me at the SAME TIME and wrestle over a ham bone.

Its dangerous business photographin savage wild animals; I think that’s why my face is so puffy, because of all the doggy contact I had. (I’m allergic to rabbits/dogs/cats).

I’m not going to even attempt photography of children; that’s just another heartbreaking story that only gives me agita and anguish.

Bear is just laying on the floor…I think its time to re-introduce Bear to workout ‘tape’.

I love this cat, I hope he lives a very long life!

Happy holidays to all readers,

-Bad touch Bear

A Beary Channukah Greetings, Entry for 12/21


The only person in my household who enjoyed Chanukah I think might be the cats.
Grandma got a tablet that clicks into a keyboard by Acer from her ‘Chanukah Harry’, valued at 350 USD. She didn’t even come to the ‘family gathering’ because she is sick.
What did I get?
After I wrote a very detailed and cheap list that would guarantee I got ample amount of goodies under 50 bucks?

Three bottles of Gold Bond lotion, not the Eczema one that I specified for but at least its something. One pair of knee high socks with peace signs on it…Not the wool socks cheaply bough 4 for 10 at Costco. Two scarf like pieces of fabric that easily blow in the wind…One of them I can see through and it has a hole in it…This does not bode well.

I see the person who picked my name from the hat went to a lot of effort to avoid the more crucial items like Eucerin body wash for extremely dry skin, the warm socks and scarf.
I’m sure I wrote two other things but c’mon; I’m a very easy person to shop for since I buy myself all those amazing gifts knowing not even ‘Mabibble’ will buy them for me.

I’m not 100% upset, but lets just say I just re-gifted 80% of the items given to me – the best part was the tissue paper. Colorful, meant to be thrown away and it has hexagon sparkles…Hey I asked for sparkles too! I will enjoy the tissue paper more than the gifts given; I’m honestly no good when people buy me gifts and its not exactly what I asked for or something I can utilize.

In anycase I came fully prepared for disappointment and even ordered burgers for ‘Mabibble’ and myself before showing up at their house. *Sigh* They had cold cuts, bread and latkes; even dessert was lacking.

Tonight wasn’t unpleasant, but I’ve had better Chanukah’s. I can be grateful that Grandma gave me 50 dollars; but she also gave me a headache, her cold, and extra chores.

Who knew chest wracking coughs could trigger explosive shits from Grandma…

I have loads of laundry to do besides re-cleaning the bathroom; I don’t know which is better – having my nose hairs burnt out from bleach inhalation or CONSTANTLY smelling Grandma poo which is available EVERYWHERE…There is no corner of this Apartment I can hide. I can just be grateful she does not sit on the corner of the couch where I do and she wears these dreadful poo tracking/catching slippers.

I’m laugh crying right now and my throat is hoarse; I can’t decide whether to clean now and shower or just shower cause I absorbed ‘fried food smell’ like a f-kin sponge. I’m trying to forget the microscopic poo invading my personal space and how the ‘Fantastic’ bottle (Cleaning spray) – Well its not so Fantastic from what is coating the bottle…

Its not even my turn to do laundry – I did it the last two times!
Can’t win!

Praying for Grandma’s quick recovery from this ‘cold’,

-Bad touch Bear

Entry for whatever-the-hell-today-is…12/12/14


Two days ago I had maybe three journal entries planned and then ‘SOMETHING’ popped up – no clue what it was and I just never got around to doing those entries. *Sigh* This blog was suppose to be a daily journal deal, I think I’m disappointed in myself.
It’s not new news.

I’m planning my ‘New Years Resolutions’ early. I have no clue where I got off to in 2013, I vaguely remember going on a crafting spree but that was early 2014? I know I was watching ‘Lost in Space’ on Hulu and logging things down that are just not plausible, like ‘The pituitary gland is in the nose.’ I remember the father saying that and knowing that factoid to be incorrect; I think I watched most of the series just to point out what was wrong… To be honest currently, all I keep thinking about is the dream I had this morning.

Its not the first time I’ve had a dream with similar theme, which is ‘My mother is alive – she knows everyone but me and claims vehemently that I am of no relation to her and not her child.’ Whenever I have dreams like this my teeth hurt, I’m quick to tears and feel worthless. This is the second time I can remember having this kind of dream but I know its been more, also in the dream I’ve managed a great accomplishment; This time I had just won a award at graduation.

I feel sour right now and don’t feel like detailing the dream from start to finish. I’m just going to list what I think I should focus on in 2015.

– I always put this on my Resolution list of, ‘Loose weight’ & ‘Finish whatever artistic ventures I start’. I just found 2012’s resolution list and that was on there…Along with a shopping list. I think I’ll just list something simple. ‘Remember to take Vitamins EVERY DAY.’

– 2013 I volunteered at the Library; for 2015, do 40 hours of ‘community service’ again.

– In 2013 (I just checked my Library card) I read 161 books. For 2015, read at least 50 books that are not in my comfort zone.

– Be more ‘Friendly’ instead of my usual standoffish façade; It’ll be hard since my neutral face is a frown.

– I have Italian and Russian Rosetta stone and I’ve never devoted myself to learning the languages. Instead of forcing myself to try and finish the lessons (Which just wont happen), my goal is to expand my vocabulary in those languages INCLUDING English. I feel like a dimwit – I read so much but retain so little.

– Do 20 ‘Good deeds’, by this I mean going out of my way to help someone. It does not include chores and giving directions.

– Go for a walk once a week – OUTSIDE, for half a hour with no end goal. If the weather is too cold or wet, time limit is ten minutes.

– Be more forceful with Mabibble in getting things done and making sure they pay off their loan faster.

Hmm…I think that’s it really; closer to the end of the month I’ll put more effort into thinking of my ‘Art’ Resolution list which is things I would like to accomplish in 2015. I fiddled around with my new D5200 and got slightly frustrated with it. Its nothing like a Cannon and the current lens doesn’t get me where I want to be so I wont be taking pictures of people just yet…That’ll be a costly venture anyway; I’d have to create sets, costumes and props…I miss my youth and where I was going.

I wish my mother didn’t die. I stopped having fun and living, I’m very sure I would have more to show for what happened during my earlier 20’s..Oh the past is the past. I need to stop ‘What if’ing!

– Day dream less, Live more. Do not allow ‘What If’ scenarios to heavily influence mood/prevent self from taking any action.


I hate having dreams about my parents, they remind me of the Limbo I’m living in now and how miserable I really am.