And there goes my money…Entry for 11/27


I had plans to buy a new DSLR since the one I own is old. It is from 2006-07, a Cannon Rebel XT; pretty much the first DSLR for mid-level photography. I spent ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS on that bastard, and then THREE HUNDRED for a lens which was always too heavy and slow.

Good times.
Now it lives in a cardboard box, inside a designer bag, behind the couch. I haven’t used it really since 2012. If I tried to sell it – like my iMac g5, I would get pennies for it.
Man I hate how technology’s value diminishes over time, it makes me cry since the investment never turned any financial gain.

It took me 3 hours to figure out where to buy the camera I choose; a Nikon D5200. So many places are offering discounts thanks to the holiday! I opted to buy new – as much as I LOVE eBay and the deals were really…I would have saved 150 USD vs buying where I bought, cept these cameras. They are refurbished. While I don’t mind used goods – the offer just seemed too good to be true; for all I know they could be refurbs from Nikon but fixed with cheap parts. The kits included had memory cards, tripods, lens covers and two optical lenses with a unknown maker; I don’t want grief over technology.

So end of the story is this:

Sub Total:$596.95
Sales Tax:$0.00
Invoice Total:$596.95

If I had shipped to where I live, the tax would have been either 16 USD or 30 USD…I forget since I just bought a new coat and the sales tax was disgusting!

I feel my ‘Want’ list now has been truly satisfied…Except for wool socks and waterproof winter boots.

I cant wait to go back upstate with my new camera! I even have plans of borrowing my uncle’s boots…I just hope and shenanigans I intend to get into don’t leave me hypothermic…It’ll have to wait till next year anyway.

Hmm…I got a coupon for bismuth….And clothing…I WOULD like a new hoodie and fleece…OH EVIL EVIL SPENDING!

I need help!

-Bad touch Bear


Keep away, Entry for 11/26


Cold, hail-rainy like weather should be kept away unless you’ve stocked your fridge, are wearing a bra and/or pants – otherwise you should seek out a source of warmth and a take-away menu.

Wasabi cheese could be kept away from a macaroni & cheese if you wish to keep it delicious.

‘I’ Should keep away from my e-mail for a while, to avoid tempting sales and running up my charge card.

I don’t enjoy cold damp weather. I don’t like cooking adventures that turn food bad. I don’t much like the holidays…Well issues 1 & 3 are half truths.

I DO enjoy cold weather when the place I’m in has heat; right now the steam heat is equating to nothing and I refuse to close the window. I DO like the idea of people gathering under the guise of well wishing and a charitable exchange but I greatly dislike the compusitatory fakeness of some well wishing, the extravagant spending on gifts and the over abundance of food.

What happened to modesty?
My Thanksgiving came a week earlier than usual – I went on a little trip upstate to my Aunt’s country home. As tradition with my family, after the meal and during desert we choose how we will gift give this year. Last year’s idea was ‘cute’, that is as best as I can describe it. You bring one gift, unisex, that is worth thirty dollars. What did I buy? Well scratch cards are unisex. I bought 26 singular scratch cards, a bag of sour cream and onion chips and a tin of Hershey chocolate. I wrote on the package that I deceptively wrapped like a dog’s head – ‘All that and a bag O’ chips’. I DIDN”T think my only female cousin would take that gift.

I feel my idea was good, but real time all she won was 6 dollars and a another scratch off; I felt guilty.
Thank god this year we went back to the usual names on a piece of paper. On the piece of paper naturally we write what we want.

This year I want my items bought at the cheapest place (Walmart), Goldbond body cream, Eucerin body wash for dry skin, two acrylic filled pillows and a warm scarf. I’ve torn through eBay and bought seven hats, never going above 5 dollars and free shipping; naturally a deal like this comes from China. I hope they are warm.

Keep away cold weather, please keep away.
My fingers are cold while typing, I have torpedo nipples and resorted to ‘THINKING’ about pants.
Its suppose to snow Thursday, that’s Thanksgiving.

Good thing I’m not going outside…Well I don’t plan to except to do Laundry.
I wonder how my banana bread tasted…I hope my Auntie didn’t feed it all to the birds – but then there was way too much food over the weekend.

Think I’ll go and bake another loaf, I have 4 bananas in the fridge liquefying and one in the freezer.

Thanks for reading,

-Bad touch Bear



Sunset27 by EdibleShoes

REJOICE! It is a mixture of movement and a dirtied sensor that has just ruined 316 photos from my weekend in the catskills of New York. I am going to blame this on the dogs I were in the company of as well as the can of cranberry sauce I just finished. (I’ve been eating it for the past four hours for some reason…)

Anyway enjoy this photo from today’s sunset. The issues with the sensor and movement drag resulted in some strange lightning light streak by all photos I’ve taken with a setting sun. My camera also believes it lives in a different continent since all PM shots are labeled AM/viceversa.

Taken on Nov 23, 2014, 3:37:25 PM

Now if you lovely watchers will excuse me, I need to cry loudly in the corner.

No its not cause of my camera – its cause I am still craving stuffing like some addict!
Ugh…I know this isn’t going to end well, just like the Gorgonzola incident…I’m going to dream of an aftertaste for weeks until I become fixated on something else or kill my tastebuds.

My stomach feels ‘doughy’!

-Bad touch Bear

Blurry eyes or broken sensor?


I’m going to have to do some tests on my small point and shoot. This weekend I went upstate for early Thanksgiving, taking only my point and shoot while leaving the DSLR at home. I took a total of 522 not including those I deleted or are on my camera phone. A majority of the photos on my point and shoot are seriously blurry and blue toned; I’ve had this issue before on my DSLR and it was the sensor. I know I move a lot, breathing, standing on unstable ground, tripping over my feet-leaves-falling in holes, but its mostly breathing – it has affected the majority of my shots.

It could also be my eyes, I have a slight astigmatism – it affects the sharpness of how I see things, meaning seeing things in full focus. I recently swapped glasses to half rims (the full ones were leaving impressions behind my ears), I don’t see as well out of the half rimmed glasses (I own three of this variety too!). Lately my eyes feel blurry and like a film is over them; I’ve been avoiding a dilatation because its disorientating and I would have to travel home by myself – looking like a drug addict.


Anyway – my next photography subject is ‘Liquid in various forms’. I don’t know why I’ve been putting off my ‘diary’ entries; but right now I’ve just showered and need sleep…I remember going up state and camping meant no technology – yet all everyone did was watch friggin TV, play on their computers/cellphones/Facebook games/Twitter/Pintrest and avoid going outside. Yea it was only 19 degrees and I ended up with some serious winter chapping on my cheeks, but that’s because of my own idiocy and not using my scarf and hat appropriately.

Who can wear four shirt layers and move around quickly?
I think its mostly because I don’t go outside therefor I forget how to dress for the weather.

Mmm, I want to eat more stuffing…BREADISTHEDEVIL! I needs to go on a Starch detox and exercise more!

Thanks for reading,

Bad touch Bear



Taken on Oct 30, 2014 @ 5:59:17 PM

This is my last photo from the sunrise/sunset project I set out for myself. Many days there were overcast, or unimpressive views of the sky. With winter having killed all the leaves I have little interest to stick my head outside the window and get blasted with cold wind in my ears and chapping my skin. That doesn’t mean I wont attempt to take a couple photos if I feel its worth remembering.

A few things I learned:

1- Already known, the camera, regardless of make or type are horrible at capturing colors as the eye sees it unless you take time to tweak the programmable features.

2- Time is fleeting. One moment I can see a dinosaur eating a square shaped cloud and the next moment, the wind has blown it away. This leaves me feeling I should be doing more with my life while I’m young and keep alert. I swear the other day there was a door in the sky!

3- Photography can happen anywhere but it is keen to have pants on; incase you’re like me and fall out the window. Sneakers help too, and maybe some ductape…I find it hard to hold this point and shoot without the fear of dropping it.

4- Laptop screens with that annoying reflector feature are HARD for me to use while editing photography. I can never tell the true color of something or tell if I’ve over saturated/pixelated something.

I hope you enjoyed these photos and a ‘Hello’ to new watchers; this isn’t a photography blog.

-Bad touch bear