Who Is?


As I’m sitting here thinking how to write ‘Who Is’ Bad touch Bear – I begin to ask myself ‘Who IS’ reading this?

For now imagine that I am someone you just passed in a crowded park. Any random female person who seeks out a shaded spot to sit in. Away from the crowds, she delicately scrolls some webpage on a iPhone while nibbling on something from Starbucks. Her face is open and receptive, she chuckles because her friend posted something on Facebook. She uncrosses her legs and the sunlight reflects off her Ray-bans, a stray piece of hair escapes her updo; her lip gloss glisten in that sunlight. She looks young but not so that you’d end up in trouble by flirting with her. Is that Bad touch Bear?


Sadly no.

I’m the person digging in a trash bin next to this female flower, openly gawking at passerby’s. I found a piece of chocolate foil; give it a sniff and pocket it.

You came here looking for a answer; well here it is. I am a childish and uncouth woman at times; wrapped up in a body that could possibly be attractive by average consensus if I lost say…80 lbs? The only time I turn heads is when I turn up my volume; caught saying something vapid or disturbing. What was that noise? Is there a animal trapped in there?

The only way a woman with this level of ‘charm’ will reproduce with another is because the donor is just that desperate to settle down and create a family. She isn’t into technology like you are – a social network to her is the office watering hole; besides this blog it doesn’t go elsewhere. She seeks out acceptance from sources that cannot offer it, and is hopeless. Completely and utterly hopeless – and Afraid.

Afraid to live.

Afraid to move on.


Afraid because the world is so amazingly amazing and DANGEROUSLY UNPREDICTABLE.

Every day is an Adventure and I cant always pretend to be Indiana Jones.

Thank you for reading,

-Bad touch Bear


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