January 2015 Round-up


Some days I just wonder how I manage to spend all my hours. I wake at 6 AM regardless of what I have to do yet somehow, even if I have nothing planned, not going outside or chores – anything fun, its 5 PM or its 10 PM.
I remembered to eat, did I shower? Didn’t I just have dinner? Why am I sitting in the kitchen again snacking on crackers? I’ve been holding my bladder for the past three hours – there is no line to use the bathroom, what logic circuit am I functioning on?
And then I go to bed and repeat.

Was January exciting?

I’m not too sure; I tried new products, relapsed on bad habits and my Photography addiction has returned like a bad itch.

Do all my entries sound the same – Drab, complaintive and reminiscent?

– Bad touch Bear

(Todays entry is for January 30th’s Depth, Photo challenge.)


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