About this *Blog


I would like to take a time-out from my normal babbling to talk about what this *Blog is about and what I plan to host on it.

The layout of my posts may change from mood, or my inability to control indentation, paragraph format and text size. At all times be prepared while reading to hear a complaint. They come in many forms, but I can assure you, in every post I make there will be one.

This is not a photo blog, a review blog, a blog promoting for personal gain or food blog. This is a space in which I want to exist as a personality on the internet; to catalog all the things I find delight and disgust in. I originally began this blog to release some tension from social relationships; I simply don’t understand people OR like many of them.

If you learn something here I am proud that I was able to contribute to your personal growth but please remember all written works are mine, Bad touch Bear/ Edibleshoes, and SOLELY mine unless mentioned otherwise. Please respect this when you reuse my words as inspirational fodder.

I promise to not lie in this place – I easily lie to myself and make up stories yet this place I will always be honest. Whether you like it or not, there is a pessimistic cynic who is reading your posts and critiquing you. If you didn’t want this – you shouldn’t have posted it on the internet. No, I am not doing this ‘troll’ you. This term is fairly new: if you have gone to school or talked to anyone during some point in your life you’ve faced advice you just didn’t want to hear. That is all I am saying.

Lastly don’t be surprised if I suddenly loose the ability to type in a consistent mentality in my posts or comments, I try my very best to channel the inner four year old. I don’t have ADHD – but I’m very grateful for the whole involuntary blinking and breathing deal since I cannot do two or more things at once; and when challenged to do so, become…well you’ll find out.

Thanks for reading,

– Bad touch Bear


13 thoughts on “About this *Blog

  1. Fair enough! Your castle, your rules. As for people, they’re clearly a mixed lot, although I’ve found with practice and a thick skin you can find something educational and even interesting in most people. Good luck with your project, and thanks for following mine! – Greg


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