Bo’ the other cat


About Bo’:

  •  I think she knows she ‘looks’ cute and purposely uses this to her advantage while clawing the rug.
  • She has these scary hook-like claws that dig into things and don’t let go. Often when walking she just gets stuck in things. (Blankets, furniture, the rug) I once caught her dragging one of Gma’s socks around because she couldn’t get it loose.
  • Bo’ before bed time does ‘Dancy Dance’. It is something kittens generally do – running around ONLY in the dining room with a piece of rug (Which she later eats), or a ball or mouse toy.
  • When we first got her, her papers said she was 5-6 and healthy. Her mouth was so filled with periodontal gingivitis that after 2 visits she had most of her teeth pulled.
  • She does NOT LIKE ‘MABIBBLE’ and has attempted suicide via window. I was lucky ‘MABIBBLE’ is persistent and grabbed her before the screen broke.
  • She broke a tooth fighting with ‘MABIBBLE’, damaged her right eye and probably has brain damage from all the times she ran head first into walls. Likewise ‘MABIBBLE’ has lost a pair of shoes thanks to her claws and suffered many cuts.
  • Bo’s isn’t the first name I originally gave her – but because Gma wouldn’t tolerate her original name I just call her Bo’.
  • When company comes to visit she hides under the cabinet and refuses to come out. Lately its become a bit better- after 3 hours she will come out. In the past it was so bad she would potty and lay in it.
  • She never spoke. It is only the past year she began small cries and and ‘bark’ like growls. That doesn’t mean she wont growl when provoked – I just find this strange since all cats owned spoke at some point. She has lived her 3-4 years and NOW she is speaking.
  •  When petting Bo’ she does a army crawl as if trying to get away. When you stop petting her, she manages this hurt face. Longest distance pet/crawled was 5 feet; after that point I got tired.
  •  In Gma’s eyes Bo’ (Or called little girl) can do no wrong.


There are more wonderfully annoying things I could say about Bo’ and perhaps in the future I’ll talk about her. This is my entry for Jaunary 9th’s photo challenge, Shadowed.

– Bad touch Bear


5 thoughts on “Bo’ the other cat

      • Aw – LM’s not so bad! I have trained her to listen to me as much as I can (she is an unbalanced dog!) but also I have no qualms in grabbing her snout and shaking it, like the aplha dog! And I can pick her up also, which puts her in her place!! Actually I won’t get a dog I can’t pick up – cos when they get old, like SL, I have to be able to lift them in and out the car etc, on my own.

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