The Great Big Scott


I was pacing about the living room windows as usual when I noticed a large flock of birds flying about. They usually number a dozen or so, yet this time they were so riled up and of a massive quantity I simply couldn’t be bothered to count. Why not count? Well just as I grabbed my camera and they sharply zoomed to the left hand side of the building – It was then I noticed him.
A Great big Scott; or rather THE greatest and biggest Scott I had ever seen. You don’t see him? Maybe there is something wrong with your eyes. The birds certainly saw him!

Great big Scott by EdibleShoes

I recall my neighbor use to say in a somewhat gloating manner, “Animals like your cats don’t go to heaven.” thus taught from one of those Jesus worshiping religions. I greatly disliked being told this even though I didn’t believe in ‘Heaven’.
I wonder what he would say if I showed him G.B.S.

-Bad touch Bear


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