There goes my Nimoy.


One of my favorite TV icons has just passed away; I’m too shocked to really write up a entry.

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Random accumulate questions – Entry for 2/26/15


How cold does it need to be for snot or a runny nose to freeze?
Has this ever happened to you?

Do you ever eat two random items and then realize the taste in your mouth is similar to something else?
Like the other day I ate banana peppers pickled and a brownie and it tasted like beef

When talking on the phone do you sometimes wander physically around?
Sometimes, I guess when I’m chatting with someone I like since this hasn’t happened in a while – I end up digging through draws or suddenly decide I MUST DO SOME SIT UPS. I guess normal people would just quietly doodle.

If you do doodle while on the phone, what do you end up drawing? Does it look Organic in nature or just sharp line like scribbles?
I end up drawing circles usually, kind of like a spiralograph.

Is it common to hold ones bladder even though the bathroom isn’t too far off?

Is it common to not reply to something or complete something just because you are enjoying whatever that thing is?
I started being active on Deviant Art again and created a Random Senario thread – I’m having SO MUCH FUN basically torturing people…But even though I’m free and it would be easy to reply right away I purposely hold off and make people wait.

How often do people go food shopping?

Would you try a new food and even though you don’t like it, you would continue to eat it and even go as far as ordering it again in the future?
…I am guilty of this and I don’t know why.

When your eating a meal and your full – but there is about half to just a couple bites left, do you throw it out? Force it down your gullet? Save it for later?

Do you blame others when items go missing?

Do you tell your loved ones you love them? I’m not talking about significant others, I’m talking family members and possibly your own kids.
I use to tell my Grandma when I was younger I loved her, when I hung up it was one of those things I said at the end of a call. Now days I don’t, sometimes I don’t want to even look at her…Like right now because she is eating in the living room and I am SICK of finding pretzel crumbs and pieces on the rug and in the couch.

When was the last time you hugged someone that isn’t 4 legged and domesticated?
I must be pretty greedy, I don’t hug people anymore.

How often do you stop yourself from instigating VS when you know to lay off?
I hate being an adult and just letting people have their way to prevent a fight.

Is it natural for you to be nice to a person or somewhat standoffish?
There was this sciency show I watched at one point that said people are generally programed to be nice, especially if you greet them positively or with a comment. If angry, comments and empathy soothe.

When was the last time someone paid you a genuine compliment?
I seriously cant tell you, online comments are fine and all but they don’t dent my outer ornery shell of jerk-ness.

Hmm, I have more questions but right now I feel like hitting someone. I started a fight with Bear two days going now because he wont let me nap and he won – I have wounds to prove it…Picking a fight with ‘Bo will be a instant K.O. and I don’t want to fight with Gma – Never fight with Gma, just nod and say yes.

Guess I’ll go play in the bathroom and maybe punch a pillow,

– Bad touch Bear

Accumulative stray thoughts – Entry for 2/20/2015


If I give birth to a female child in the future (If I ever get married); I am going to make sure my child has dolls of different colors. Do you know how sad I was growing up surrounded with only white barbies? OK I had one brown doll, I still have her and she was the best barbie ever. Her hair was the perfect shade of brown that I could consider a vibrant chocolate. I’m pretty sure if there was more variety when I was a kid, I wouldn’t be so confused as an adult.

I’m very sure any offspring I have wont be dark skinned since I turned out pretty light. I’m kinda sad since I want a dark skinned kid along with a blond with blue eyes; maybe when I’m much much older and have a nice income I’ll consider fostering/adopting – that’ll be the only way I’d have such a child.

I actually always wanted to foster teens/pre teens. I don’t know what real orphanages look like or if they really exist but I got the idea it must be horrible seeing all younger kids get adopted like kittens to cats.

I have to figure out SERIOUSLY a new meal plan than the one I’m working with now which is pickled, sugary and sometimes veg/cheese. This is JUST NOT WORKING. I went to the doctor and found out I only gained 5 lbs…But I feel as if I gained twenty! If you must know, though I doubt anyone truly cares that means I weigh 238. When I stopped exercising last year I was 230, so only a 8 lbs gain isn’t bad considering I don’t do any physical activity but I feel disgusted with myself.

That does not mean if tomorrows weather is as windy as today – I wont go to the Chinese bakery and buy another sweet rice ball..WAIT NO SUGAR. Ugh.

I COULD just make it..Hmm this way I can control the sugar….Then again I could actually devote that time towards making a loaf, I have two mangoes probably rotten by now. I know, shame on me for not just eating them before they went bad.

– A-** Who needs frigging drugs when you have sugar in your life? Not only does it ruin your teeth like drugs can, you also experience many strange mood effects and cravings. I’m so mad at myself! The only way around this is to eat only wheat and bitter things till my taste buds level out.

Veggie burgers that aren’t home made are no longer on my ‘OK’ list along with frozen veg. I had a head of broccoli go bad while I ate the frozen variety; I wish I could dominate what goes in the fridge/freezer but I cant since Gma also lives here. I’m pretty sure those 8 lbs wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have Gma; she loves her cookies as much as I do.

I should take a picture, would you like to know what I found in the back of the fridge? A jar of marchino cherries from 2010 and a Tupperware full of alcoholic prunes…OH and a block of tamarind that I don’t know what year its from! I’m honestly a little terrified of the Tupperware now, I didn’t inspect it but if there is no mold – I’m going to bake.

I was eating raw eggplant in vinegar the other day. Someone a long time ago told me eating eggplant raw is like eatin poison; I’m still alive. Its better than when I steam it – When that’s done I can’t figure out a portion size and end up eating half the eggplant because its mush.

I wanted to buy flowers for the past couple days, not planted ones since they would just die but cut flowers. Every store I walked past that sell flowers were closed up! Its just too cold for them! I suppose I could go to the florist, but I just want a couple carnations – I don’t want to spend 5 dollars on a singular flower.

I just noticed every line I wrote starts with ‘I’…Well I guess I need to edit this…right? Talk in third person and creep people out. OH I KNOW. The remainder of this post will be No. I’ll do that another time.

Blah. I’m getting sick of ‘I’ and don’t feel like writing anymore; I keep making a shittonF*CK of spelling mistakes, grammar errors and I’m beginning to type things backwards.

Never was tested for dyslexia, mabes I just had a stroke or something.

-Bad touch Bear

Review for Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem toothpaste.


tootpaste by EdibleShoes

Awhile back I decided to take a more natural approach towards oral care, I had swollen red gums that turned tender and sometimes bled when I brushed too hard. Instead of doing what a normal person would do, go to the dentist, I bought two different kinds of toothpastes with tea tree oil.

Here I am reviewing Desert Essence’s Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste.

Purchased while on sale @ 4.26, I had hoped the price reflected quality. Let’s look at the

INGREDIENTS: Calcium Carbonate, Glycerin (Vegetable Derived), Water (Aqua), Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Distillate, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Carrageenan (Plant Derived), Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) Leaf Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil*, Melia Azadirachta Extract (Neem), Sea Salt. Eco-Harvest®



What is all this garbage? I cannot recall the ingredients listed here being those listed on the box – which has been thrown out some time ago so I got this off the internet. I bought this item MOSTLY for the Tea tree oil and Neem, both of which are very good for blood flow, being antiseptic and healing. I cannot label this paste a herbal toothpaste. The amount of Neem used as well as Tea tree oil and Wintergreen? Minuscule OR because the tootpaste itself is not homogeneous in nature – it varies BUT always know, when a item is listed closer to the end of the list its amount in the concoction is less than that which is the first listed item.

According to Wikipedia:

 “Companies …. manufacture natural and herbal toothpastes and market them to consumers who wish to avoid the artificial ingredients commonly found in regular toothpastes. Many herbal toothpastes do not contain fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate. The ingredients found in natural toothpastes vary widely but often include baking soda, aloe, eucalyptus oil, myrrh, plant extract (strawberry extract), and essential oils

This item contains Sodium Coco-Sulfate. Take out the coco and its just plain old Sodium lauryl sulfate – the only difference between the two is the processing of fatty acids, this type is from coconuts. Then there is Sea salt…THIS IS THE LAST INGREDIENT I WOULD WANT IN MY TOOTHPASTE BUT! Salt, especially Sea salt has an antibacterial quality and is used in homeopathic cures. I personally am sitting on the fence since I am sensitive to salt, since using this product I noticed bloating – I THINK I will stop using it a bit of time to see if its the cause.

So by now if you haven’t figured, I’m not too thrilled on the ingredient list – I’ve tasted Neem before and definitely tea tree oil and they are both strong herbs which leave my mouth tingly and refreshed. What did this paste do?

Well I can say it surely foams VERY well; I have never used a paste that foams like this one does thanks to all the carbonates, bicarbonates and sodium whatevers in the paste. The taste is not a strong Wintergreen, and I surely do not note Neem or much tea tree. It does not whiten teeth, there was never a promise of that anyway – but it needs to be mentioned nor does it clean up stains from earlier in the day.

Final result?

5 out of 10.

I was really happy with the packaging but that means nothing to my healthcare. It foams well and the container is nicely designed, for this price I would be better off with Sensodyne. The mixture has dark off white lumps in there that I assume would be the flavoring agents that are sorely missed. In general I have never been too thrilled with Desert Essence’s products even if they are made in NY.


I think for now I’ll use my Gma’s AIM toothpaste. It was only .99 Cents – Why is toothpaste so expensive these days??

Thanks for reading,

-Bad touch Bear


Review of Tribe’s Harvest carrot & Ginger Hummus


Carrothumus2 by EdibleShoes

I’m a bit of a oddball if you haven’t noticed. I like eating pickled things as a main dish, when sushi is ordered I ask for extra ginger just to eat as ‘desert’ and sometimes I can make a meal out of just a raw carrot and then I saw this hummus. I can’t recall WHICH brand I started off on, but I think it was Sabra. My first great OD of hummus was when I was about 18 with a box of wheat thins; since then hummus has been a staple in my diet that is eaten at least once a week.

Even though hummus is supposedly easy to make, I currently prefer only Tribe’s brand for some reason, they made another flavor called something martini? It had horseradish in it and I was buying two containers which usually last a week and a half. I occasionally will pick up something because it seems a odd combination, I’m not sure about this flavor.

I think I should be eating some hummus now since thinking back, I cannot recall tasting ginger BUT its there. Its perfectly mixed in with the carrot where its not overpowering and making me think ‘OH BURN’, its slightly mellow and hits my pallet as kind of a after note. In the center there is a herb chop with cilantro…I honestly HATE cilantro but here I love it! The bitterness mixes well with the flavors and adds more texture – there is plenty of texture to begin with since this isn’t plain hummus. As for the carrot flavor, if you ask me what carrots taste like I wouldn’t be able to tell you! I know SOMETIMES when I eat yellow carrots, they taste like parsley. Regular orange carrots have a variety of flavors! Sometimes I get the awful tasting one that reminds me of carpet, or in general they have no taste but carrot juice is very sweet.

This hummus isn’t sweet if your thinking where is this going, SOMEHOW this has ZERO grams of sugar. I don’t understand that since if I juice a pound of carrots, that’s 32 grams of sugar there. I’m extremely curious how that worked out and think something is off with the nutritional facts. There is also 1 gram of fiber; carrots have loads of fiber! If I were to try and make this I bet the ratio of carrot and ginger might be minimal, that might be why I enjoyed this flavor.


Overall my rating for this hummus is a 8.5 out of 10! Since the original picture I have bought another one and it was the last one on the shelf! I don’t know if other people like it or its not doing well at my local grocery.

I wonder if they got the idea for this flavor mix while looking at this photo. Ginger/carrot hair color?

Thanks for reading,

-Bad touch Bear