Accumulative stray thoughts 3/31/2016


I don’t know WHAT is up with me.

Since I have no books to really read, I’ve been reading things on Wikipedia. The topic I first started out was pretty grotesque and since then has heightened to this:

I JUST ate some very chewy beef and I’m going to be honest, its NOT sitting well! Its been a long time since I’ve read something that made me physically nauseous.

The follow-up entry was about ‘Vore’; I didn’t know what that was and quite frankly the idea is very unappealing.

I’ve become active on Deviant art again were I’m frequently in and out of the IRC chats feature on the site; they have a Vore cafe there…While I’m curious what kind of conversation goes on there – the name ‘Edibleshoes’ already sounds a bit fetish-like.


Meanwhile I only picked that name because of a old running joke; ‘You have so many shoes and yet the fridge is empty. What are you going to survive on, Shoe leather and mustard?’ To which then the person who I was chatting with, their puppy decided to become friendly with a pair of Jimmy Choo. It would have been even more funny if the dog’s name was Jimmy – I think it was Bernie.

As of 3/31 – I have made 403.75 dollars on ebay..BUT those lovely fees + paypal’s fees has reduced that to somewhere in the middle 300’s. I still have random things to sell too but figure they might be better sold at a yard sale.


Bear is doing calisthenics  at the moment, if Mabibble was home – he would be beating Bear up since the cat has placed his large self behind & inside the entertainment system. Looks comfy…AND I think he ate something back there.

I rather him hide out in a place I DONT want him than running on the pergo wood floor, its slippery for him and while running down the stairs his back legs went out to the side almost turning into a big tumble.

I bought a couple cans and pouches of wet food since I had coupons. We had stopped for a week and he wasn’t too demanding but I don’t think Science Diet is really nutritional or affordable. If I was going to feed him something overpriced I’d pick Blue Buffalo – I already have him on the dry food and his fur is so soft now!

I just dont know why he loves Friskies so much – its like the cat equivalent of carb junk food! The wet food also makes him throw up!

One time Bear had such a bad throwing up fit it started in the living room on the rug, he then vomited at the base of the stairs, ran up the stairs – Shit himself, threw up again, got scared because Mabibble hit him and then ran down stairs – vomited and pissed on the hallway rug.

This is why I no longer have a nice hallway rug.

This is also why I’m afraid to adopt another pet, Mabibble hits the cat or throws things! In turn I have taken to hitting him and throwing things.

The neighbor I don’t like (I don’t actually like any of them), they have this BIIIG dog. Maybe one day I’ll take a photo if he doesn’t try to jump the fence to bite me. I call him ‘Rat poison’ cause the fucker just wont shut up. I open my door to get the mail, he barks, I open the back door to water my plants, he barks- I try to mow my lawn, he runs back and forth barking….Its not like the houses are RIGHT next to each other. I found out his real name is ‘King’ but in my head he will forever be called ‘Rat poison’.

I have 12 tabs open on Wiki about murders, mental illness types & crimes…I really need something new to read!

I woke up angry this morning.

Its been nothing but windy and I had started seedlings inside, they were doing wonderful but Mabibble built this ‘green house’ rickety as fuck shit.

Well the wind has won again, ALL of my seedlings, the strawberry, various tomato, lavender (VERY HARD TO GROW), Dill, Parsley and Yellow Bell pepper are now GONE. I had JUST gotten 2 strawberry to seed, I was so upset this morning but after eating more junkfood I just feel sick and angry at myself now.

I really hate living where I do. The house has so many flaws and some room’s really are tiny – If I had moved out south my property tax would be minuscule compared to the 85## I pay now.

…Did I mention I hate the neighbors? They have so many friggin cars parked all over – Park infront of your house, not mine! You have all that space on the right hand side!

I have so much more to say but something tells me not to bother and just press the ‘Publish’ button.



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