Hexagonal flakes need only apply…


They say that no two snowflakes are alike…But I just noticed out of ALL the flakes I could takes notice of, I paid mind to a certain shape the most. I’ve stalked this particular pattern that it made the cut in what photos I posted online 4 times…But its not the same flake…

I got tired of doing individual posts; maybe I don’t really care about the subject or I don’t feel like clogging up people’s Reader with snowflakes. That just reminded me I have a cup of tea somewhere; the snow has gotten so bad there is a snow-day for school and a lot of people are doing a work from home tomorrow.

Also the Gov. in NY decided no one should be on the roads after 10/11PM so if you are, you’ll get a fine of 300 or 3000 dollars.

Shower and tea and no more window watching; I’m sure the neighbors are tired of hearing me squeal over snowflakes.

The world would be a sad place if houses didn’t have windows; then again we all might adopt a criminal mentality.


Mmm Brain just said it hurts; When will I be done editing?!

-Bad touch bear


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