Liquid set follow up


So where was I?

I recall I took shots of sunsets for 50 days and posted the results numbered 38 on this blog.
Then there was the liquid set that failed thanks to Gma; yet I salvaged it with water in various forms found in nature. Did I post them?

1 ∗ Photo101 – Mystery
2 ∗ One fat sucker
3 ∗ Have s’more flakes on me.
4, 5 & 6 ∗ Hexagonal flakes need only apply…
7 ∗ January 2015 Round-up
8 ∗????

It seems I got distracted by the outside world and never finished posting the entire series!
I’m going to remedy that right now by loading your reader’s with photos till I reach somewhere in the 30’s – Except for maybe the day before Valentines day.


Bubbles on a petal.

That’ll be 4 to 5 entries a day dear suckers watchers,

– Bad touch bear


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