Have s’more flakes on me.


Today’s casualties are numerous I should mention, I also feel some sort of sickness coming on; I REALLY hope its not a ear infection. The ONLY part of my body that I actually took care of was my ears by wearing earmuffs! I got some permanent goosbumpage going on in the arm area; I’m guessing a shower would do well before bed. One last odd thing to mention is some kind of bird, I assume its a seagull got not just one but TWO windows covered in urine and shit.

If you could see my face this morning, its no pleasure trying to scrub off frozen bird fecal + urine – I pretty much just left the windows alone because the screen is in the way.

I now realize every time I have to clean something, I am wearing a dark colored T-shirt.
Just happy I didn’t get any bleach marks on this one.

-Bad touch Bear


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