This is the dawning of the AGE OF AQUARIUS!


You know it, I know it, my last boyfriend defiantly knew it – I am weird.

This morning I’ve finally reached a new plateau of how weird I am by waking up with a song in my mouth.

Oh? ‘I don’t get what your talking about BTB, You mean smile on your lips right?’

No; I was singing in my sleep or maybe it was just some casual humming since my throat wasn’t sore. Occasionally I’ve been told by (a longtime ex) lover that I make ‘noise’ in my sleep, its not these cute conversations that are logical or understandable, nor is it grunting. Its kind of listening to a person with brain damage slur through some monologue or one sided conversation. I do not sound pretty and imagine the owner of these recordings to be drooling while speaking; I was told I wasn’t drooling so safe there.

Recordings? Oh yes – the last boyfriend loved to capitalize on HOW weird I am and make it known sometimes daily. Like he was a prime example of what is normal and I should be grateful he put up with me for close to three years. I’d make a good Zombie I was told, I like to gnaw on people and I’ve got that whole moaning like a tormented soul down pat, only problem is I’m still alive.

Employment after death seems to be UP, if only I could do something about now.

ANYWAY all things aside, today it was ‘THIS IS THE DAWNING OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS!’ I caught a couple bars of it while waking – it took me some time to recall what song this was since I haven’t heard it since I was five. I’m visualizing a orange and purple one piece with flairs, worn by a man with long blond hair, what I found on the internet contrasted what I remember. Yesterday I was actually marveling at how some people remember quotes from movies or books; I think this current example of singing in my sleep was a gift to remind me I’m not as forgetful as I think I am.

For the version that I was singing but I remember the vocals much more ‘Heavy’ I guess: {Link}

For kooky music video with hippies: {Link}

ACTUALLY I’m now recalling in the past month I woke up with a whole verse of Savage Garden’s … I forgot what song…It was on the orange CD and had to do something with ‘I want to be like an Animal’ I think…

I want some raisinets, the mix-tape my mother had that song on (Long destroyed) had a song following it up I think about that candy. Sugar high honey bunch?

Not a healthy breakfast – then again something like this I’d have to go out and its wet outside…Hmm…


I think Air taste pretty good right now! Thanks for readin’,

-Bad touch Bear


5 thoughts on “This is the dawning of the AGE OF AQUARIUS!

    • I love hearing about dreams! Tell me one?!

      I had this dream recently where I was running away from some form of terrorist and remembered to pack 3 pairs of shirts, a nightgown, two pants, one pair of socks, my favorite blanket, laptop and a hair brush. BUT I didn’t pack any underwear/bra’s. Then I climbed out the window like it was nothing.. That was a more logical dream – the stranger stuff like ballerina power rangers in pools and tennis courts I’m still trying to figure out!


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