Soarly lazy


I smell toast right now and want to go make some.

Its another disappearing act from yours truly – I’ve been sick.
Not so sick that I’m incapacitated and unable to post a entry; I’m just not in a literary/composed state where I want to share my inner thoughts. Yet I AM making this entry as a reminder actually to myself.

See this happens often, I’ll get sick or hurt, and with a childhood full of physical abuse I quickly forget about any physical pain. I swear this is the first time this year I’ve caught a cold – It’s a soar throat – I think from having the window open at night. I also can believe that this ISN’T the first time I caught a cold for the year because I’m exposed to germs and germ-like creatures disguised as humans daily.

I can recall last year I hurt my back badly and was out of commission for a week, I was also milking it and playing Terraria on my Vita. A couple months ago I had that crazy period, currently my eczema on my fingers is flaring up…Oh my gums? They are better, no instant gum regeneration but they aren’t ‘tight’ feeling. I’m sitting here seriously trying to think of the times I’ve had a complaint VS when I was actually sick – I can’t recall. Two weeks ago a bout of salmonella poisoning? Stomach aches are usual for me along with flare ups from eating dairy. Very sure I gained weight and I didn’t change my diet.  I’m drawing blanks and I need to get personal with phlegm.

Welp, I have loads to say now that I’m sitting here with the editor open but honestly…

I’ll see ya when I see ya;

– Bad touch Bear


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