October 10th, Reaction’s to paternity testing Drama


There are quite a bit of the china type Asians in this tv audience. I keep glancing at the small TV my Grandmother has on and greatly disliking that she is watching ‘Maury’ (Basically think of Jerry Springer).

Its not every day I wake up and say, ‘Hey – I’m going to be opinionated to the point where I’m viewed as racist/crazy/a prim and proper hypocrite.’ but damn…

Two women, cousins, grew up close and this guy – I’m not fully paying mind to the TV; he impregnated them both and is denying this. I hear lots of ‘OOOOHS!” going on and high pitched ‘BLA BLA BLA’s’.  The child is named ‘Honesty’. What a Puritan name! Did she pick that one to shame the child or the father?  Wish there was a fast forward button, I want to hear if these sister/cousin’s are from the same father suddenly. Ugh he is father of both children – how revolting, that makes 7 children he fathered and does not care for. The protagonist who brought this to light reminds me of an angry chitterling bird, she keeps swooping and getting close to argue with the Johnny Appleseed. Sister/Cousin, Brother/Sister/Cousin…

Not only is the world over populated, shows like this just OH I SAW A BABY MONKEY IMPERSONATING A HUMAN…Wait. Oops, pardon my moment of racism there. Why do women on these shows choose wandering tom cats?

I’m female, I’ve been in a relationship with …That child is really cute, even though I’m still thinking ‘baby monkey’…WOAH, the mother is so ashen cheeked!…I think I was trying to be intellectual before and ask why women choose men with such ..My braincells are dying! She JUST had one baby and she is pregnant again…I swear what logic do these girls work on? Just cause you have a biological family member that seems reliable does not mean leave your baby with ‘MOM’ and go on your way. Meanwhile its ONLY Mom who is petitioning and pleading with the daughter’s possible ‘sperm donators’, yea plural – she has two. (I’m saying that since right now, ‘Father’ does not fit).

Yuck, what a immature bastard! He is doing a jig cause he isn’t the donar while the other one has such a look. He walked off the set like he had on prison chains.

My eyes burn the next segment has a large woman, she is pretty, but her MOUTH!


Suddenly the lunch I made looks too healthy. I want to eat Subways, I need a intake of yoga mat plastic. Oh you didn’t know about their bread at one point containing azodicarbonamide? I bet you also didn’t know that same ingredient takes residency on the Starbucks menu.

To read about what I’m vaguely talking about, {Click here}

In any case I don’t eat at fast food joints because I find them dirty. I am guilty of pizza or Chinese food, if I’m feeling really bad – some KFC.

Chicken…Its been a week since I ate meat.

Is it so hard to use contraceptives? I’m so happy we are at the top of the food chain; I know I’d make a horrible roast.

Sorry you had to read this,

-Bad touch Bear


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