I am One Hundred and Three



That’s a lie, this blog is actually now 31 days old. I have tried my best to make a post every day, ‘cept sometimes have been over socialized and want to do nothing more than hide in a corner and stare at nothing-ness. I’ve been doing something similar since my last post; Playing Sims 4 until I feel like I want to puke.

This upcoming Saturday, I will be forced to go to a …I don’t know what to call it, its not a viewing since the person has been cremated – its not a wake/vigil because as far as I know, its not being held at the mourner’s home; its being held at a lodge. Do I bring Vodka and a Cake? I’m honestly confused – in the many experiences of funerals I’ve been to – this one will be a first where I don’t know what is acceptable. I technically don’t even NEED to go but I HAVE to go in order to support the person taking me/ His boss. It would be wrong to take my laptop to play the Sims 4 – I know that, but I wonder if it would be wrong if I take my camera and take some shots of people grieving. Hmm…I don’t think I want to buy Alcohol; OH A CARD! DUH!

Ugh – but that means I have to go outside and spend money.
I don’t want to go outside!
Its cheaper to make a loaf of Banana bread than to buy a grievance card – and then I have to choose either religious or something ambiguously friendly. Why the hell do cards have to cost so much money?! I want to just get some sparkles, black ribbon – make up some sad ass poem and put it on a plain 8 x 11 sheet of computer paper.

In other news Tomorrow at 2:15 in the after noon, I will be 29 years old; the people I know couldn’t believe their ears to hear this. I am not going to beat myself up (Here) about being a under achiever – I’ll do it later while I dream – or tomorrow as I eat cookie after untasty cookie for breakfast.(My grandmother seriously bought some bad tasting cookies and I love pretending to be a garbage can.)

Every year, since I turned 24? Or was it 25? I began celebrating my birthday all thought August till the end of September. I’d splurge on strange things, like one year I bought a steam mop for my birthday and the equivalent of 128 LBS of Kitty litter. I’m sure I bought something that I could actually enjoy that year – Oh yes a vacuum cleaner that broke not even a year later…Well THIS year I celebrated my birthday EVERYDAY. Ten dollars here, twelve dollars there on shirts. Shiny beads, ribbons, feathers and nail polish from eBay. OH! Last year a Herand statue that cost 136 and a chintz teacup. A Happy Unbirthday to Me, I love that song from Alice in Wonderland; I bought this shirt recently because I loved the topic, but I’m going to be honest; the execution of text and the way the Cheshire cat looks almost wrong. STILL there are teapots and a mouse. Hmm, I think this year might be the most expensive year of things I bought myself.  I am not proud of this.


One thought on “I am One Hundred and Three

  1. Well I feel like I should wish you a Very Happy UnBirthday for today – and a Very Happy Birthday for tomorrow afternoon 🙂 What’s wrong with celebrating every day 😉 And I hope the “wake” thing goes OK. I usually find that something I am dreading actually goes better than expected – maybe cos already expected the worst? Good Luck anyway. I say to myself, when i also don’t want to leave the house -The sooner you go, the sooner you’ll be back! – At least it gets me out the door! 🙂

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