Accumulative stray thoughts 3-11-16


Don’t eat the Chili from Wendy’s…EVER. Employee Admits To “Pooping” In Wendy’s Chili For Over 2 Years

I do not like having to wait till 2017 for new Doctor Who, nor do I like what BBC has done to its time slot/How the current doctor (Peter Capaldi) scripts are written – I feel only the last couple episodes of the last season highlighted how unique this doctor is compared to the others personality wise. >>Call out<< I feel like his scripts from other episodes were good but not of a singular entity’s personality because all the Doctors of each regen had different quirks; I felt some episodes were meant for David Tennet’s Doctor and others were unmentionable unless brought up in a conversation I just wouldn’t remember that episode.

Top 5 episodes that I remember but NOT the titles

1-The trial of the death dial/will where Peter Capaldi has to work out thru all his deaths how to get back to the Tardis (Best episode for this regen)

2- Dont blink – From the wall paper to Sparrow and her movie rental job, this was a really memorable episode (All the episodes with David Tennet & the pretty Freema Agyeman in the background)

3- Silence in the Library. These two are the only ones I remember by title and If I’m remembering that; it means I remember the whole episode.

4- “My gift to you is the air from my lungs” I remember this ep with Chris Ecclestons with glee because well, it introduced alien creatures and the FACE OF BOE as well as that creepy yet hilarious sheet of living skin as the ‘last human’…I think it was that episode!

5- Its hard now to break it down to just ONE episode because by now, I’ve started googling eps to figure out what I remember & if it was one plot or two rolled into one thanks to how I remember things. So arguing for this spot are the remembered images of ‘Bad wolf’, ‘Rivers in a astronaut suit shooting Matt Smith’, ‘The creepy Silencer aliens’, ‘Ood’s’ & the Nurse kitties from this hospital ep with David Tennet…


Its absurd that I liked Matt Smith but when I think of Doctor Who, I remember almost all of David Tennet’s episodes followed barely by the others. John Pertwee’s eps are slightly more memorable because of his coat!

I’ve gotten into drinking beer and thinking it OK. Not something I want to drink often yet yesterday I had a ‘Angry Orchard’ and that was good; actually it reminded me of how I make pork roast lately. Then before that was the hard ginger ale, rootbeet and today I drank two caramel malt’s which really dont have alcohol content.

I bought some coffee today for my Gma although I live in another state. They were having a big sale at Stop and Shop but this doesn’t apply to decaf so I was caught in self loathing moment when I read the receipt in the car. Unlike how I USE to be, I got my ass out of the car before Mabibble put it into drive and returned the can of coffee as well as getting 2 dollars back on another purchase because there’s a sales tag on it but it rang up .90 cents more than the sale tag.


New Jersey has skanks.

Not to say New York didn’t but these skanks don’t even realize the wrong doing they are committing. Skinny ass hoe don’t rest your ass on the counter because your heels allow this! And just cause your skinny does not mean I want to see your stretch marks on your belly! Apart from her poor choice in clothing and behavior in public, she seemed ‘friendly’ but that could have been the spiked pepsi she was drinking. (I saw her boyfriend pour vodka in to her pepsi bottle)

I need to get myself outside more. The weather was really nice today, as was the whole week; the only problem is really bugs and neighbors.

Yesterday I also had peach schnapps, yummy but way too sweet.

Last Friday? Last Friday Mabibble threw a good bye party for one of his co-workers at our *COUGHMYCOUGH* house. He invited more people than I wanted and it didn’t get out of hand but SOMEHOW we are having another one on the next coming Friday after St.Pattys…And guess what? The list of people in the past three days has grown with each day bring more people.

That party was on the 4th and I JUST FINISHED washing the dishes….Do NOT ask me about cleaning.

I think I have kidney problems, my morning water is much darker than when I lived in NY…Unless its the water here cause I’ve been drinking the same amount of water.

I some how beat my goal of selling 12 items this month and I celebrated by…Having that peach schnapps yesterday…I want to celebrate again!

The beginning of the week I told Mabibble ‘I might go to hell when I die’; the items I order online honestly miss quality control and I feel like I’m doing a bad thing by contacting customer service to get this fixed. I’ve had to do it so often within the past 6 months that I got a couple items (broken) for free.

On a the artist site that I frequent, one group/club is having a contest with the theme ‘Yellow’ – All I could think about was upending 2 bottles of mustard and makin a mess.

Spring is here…And so are my allergies.

I want to start priming the ground for planting but Mabibble is the only one who drives so I’m running on HIS scheduled and nothing is getting done.

From I think 2010 I had some Jamaican Sorrel saved and 2 weeks ago I had a thought  that there might be seeds on the bottom with the flower dust; I was right. I spent 20 mins angry because I had a whole bunch in the past & thought it was bugs.

I planted 6 of those seeds, I think it was 6 – and only 1 germinated but hey! I got something to seed and its larger than a inch now!

I bought strawberries just to see if I could grow strawberries from the seeds, I was considering blue berries because I like them better but they weren’t on sale.

Mabibble has gotten fatter. I know I’ve gained weight but he no longer feels comfortable wearing his clothing and has taken over 3 pairs of my sweat pants & one pair of shorts that I had since I was a teenager. I wore those shorts and kept them nice – a month with him and they are stained and ripped.

The construction people finally came Monday to do repairs to the house from the Flood that happened in January; they were …OK. One smelt like a sour ashtray; but all in all they painted and our house looks nicer. The garage though is not as warm as it should be; Mabibble needs to get his act together and insulate the garage’s walls properly.

Thursday Mabibble lost his wallet. I tried to sat cool and collected because I knew that this would happen (After loosing his cellphone 3+ times and needing to replace it). The wallet wasn’t found until the afternoon by who- ME ofcourse. I then proceeded to throw it down the stairs and have a shit fit (Not as heated as a normal fit) because we went to the doctors and he spent all morning on his phone calling to cancel cards while I paid for his pills and waited patiently.

Meanwhile that doctor did nothing for him, he needs a MRI and to go to a real doctor who specializes in nerve damage/car accident trauma.

Mabibble is currently playing Tom Clancy’s Division and I’m enjoying it. I do not play shooter games but the detail and its pretty open/free world. At the end of the day tho its still a shooting game and if he keeps putting the volume at 36+ I am going to break the remote in half and toss his TV turner and subwoofer out side and urinate on it.

I just made a promise to him that later tonight I am going to smack him while he is sleeping. I HATE loud noises and guns going off is on top of that list.

So far I have been keeping on track with brushing my teeth twice a day (Opposed to only at night), but even doing this after I eat or drink something sweet I feel the need to brush. Think I’m becoming a little obsessive.

Does green tea and peach schnapps mix well?

Earlier in the week someone bought 3 pieces of bismuth from me so I gave them a extra piece as a gift, its much bigger than the ones I was selling but at the end of the day I’m hoping that they’ll leave feedback that is positive.

Want bismuth?

I’ve been selling things on eBay but getting little feedback, I guess thats OK but I would like more positive feedback so when other buyers look at my profile they see I’m not some conartist.

I’m beginning to not like one of Mabibble’s friends much. I shall call him ‘WWFBD’ here, a more clinical name makes it harder for readers to get attached. ANYWAY, WWFBD is somewhat down on his luck – I feel bad talking about him negatively but this guy was pestering Mabibble into getting a gym membership only because WWFBD cannot drive, does not have a car and Mabibble drives him about sometimes to the doctor. The way he went about asking was pretty dickish – Mabibble had just came out of the doctors office in pain and WWFBD had asked for the 3rd time if it was OK to drive him somewhere.


I also found out Mabibble has been giving ‘V5BLSCK’ rides to work still when this guy does NOT repay for the lift. He has been originally giving rides for 2+ years without a dime for gas and going out of his way to drive V5BLSCK to work. I made Mabibble stop driving him with the help of a outside and unrelated stranger but he started up again behind my back.

Not only am I going to urinate on his home entertainment system; I’m going to get it all over the car. Just thinking about it gets me angry.


I’m done- If I think anymore about the people who take advantage of Mabibble that aren’t me I’m going to break his phone.

He got back in touch with one of his idiot child hood friends that has cause nothing but problems. It is my mission to make them meeting up not happen now – I dont want drama or to be bothered by this guy’s wife+kids.



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