Notes to self


Do not use Media mail for anything other than paper goods.

Everyone makes mistakes, when you screw up on a sale on eBay – Don’t ask the cat for help.



When you screw up & have e-mailed someone; don’t let impatients get the best of you and eat a whole bag of cookies. (How can 6 cookies = a donut + 1/2 donut…Its only fried sesame dough with sugar!)

Just because you’re unhappy with a item from a person does not mean you should try again from the same seller…

Feeding the birds is fun but they shit AND PEE. Don’t expect them to clean that up.

When planning a garden, remember that means outside time and that you’ll need gardening tools..A large spoon and fork cannot till land.

Paypal takes out a fee on top of eBay’s fee…Yard sale is looking more lucrative.

If seeds do not sprout…Don’t keep dumping rooting hormone on them – its only waste.

Make sure you have boxes on hand to ship things in. Making one big box into two normal boxes uses up too much tape.

April 8th – 10th is the rock show in NJ

The freezer has no more unseasoned chicken

Growling at strange cats works to keep them off the lawn but only if you move after them and cover it up with another scent…I am not bleaching my half dead lawn.


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