Like a bandit


Lately, more or less, last week I feel like I’m making out like a bandit.

You know that feeling when the holidays come about and you get all these gifts? And these are GREAT gifts not the kind you have to re-gift or put out only when that person comes over.

Friday we had a going away party for one of Mabibble’s co-workers. The party was kinda ‘easy’ yet we asked the guests to bring alcohol and some people just turned into a hot mess. Again I didn’t get to play party games or really socialize because I was trying to either feed or clean up but when everyone was gone we had so much booze and a nice amount of left overs. Henry’s hard soda, Gingerale is my go to drink now; someone had bought it over and I just now had a taste, its good stuff.

Then there is my selling on eBay. I feel amazing when something I listed sells, its like being rewarded for hording something; and I do have hordes BUT I’m kicking myself for selling my D5200 so cheaply (85 USD) – I was going to but 185 and didn’t double check. All the other things that have sold so far I’m pleased with but then there are the finalized fees which makes me wonder if I made a dollar or just 20 cents on some items. Summary – I really dont care in a way as long as I’m actively getting things out. I have to have a yard sale this year, HAVE TO. There are just some things that would sell better without shipping; like 10 flocked Joy Magnabibbbs hangers for 4 dollars once you add on the shipping it takes the buying experience down two notches.

Then there is my online shopping….

Yes the dreaded habit of online shopping because I am even more stranded without walkable shopping. So far I’ve bought a couple things and man…They were damaged cosmetically but working; I talked to some reps and got refunded/got to keep a dinged up lamp. The lamp is also false advertising of plastic not glass but meh..And my rock habit…I swapped from nail polish to rocks.

Figuring since I sold part of my collection, I’d replace it with a more adult sized bunch of specimens I bought BOXES of Amethysts & Citrine. So far I feel I’m a bit upset over what I’ve received, a lot were damaged and I had to even exchange words with a seller and get the website’s customer support to step in. This is why I’m selling some Amethysts with bismuth on them since they don’t look as nice as they should and I’m trying to recoup for the loss.


I am so drunk feeling after two sips of that hard soda: Its rare but today I was actually HAPPY.

Sparkling happy!

And then just 5 minutes ago I got in the mail my second order of Citrine (After finding the 3rd had been cancled) -these are…Meh. I think something was glued to two of the stones but I’m currently too drunk to think or operate properly…Those two small sips went right thru me.

I’m leaving neutral feedback – A-”

Bye Sparkling happy, hello again default settings.

Knew it wouldn’t last long,



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