Sweet & Sour



AH THE JOY OF A SALE IS JUST…I threw myself on the floor with joy when my first item sold. It was for 11.50, a set of ramekins that I didn’t need. So I got money and a black and blue.

The second thing I sold were my blue snake imprinted velvet sneakers. A mouthful yes, but that mouthful can pay for a two person dinner. I didn’t throw myself on the floor this time – I just scratched my chin a little too hard and broke the skin.

The third thing I sold was my favorite camera…The acid from my stomach wont stop burning…

I’m sitting here kicking myself because I sold my beloved D5200 for 85.oo USD while on eBay similarly they are selling closer to 200. The listing barely lasted 10 mins before someone snatched it up and I failed to revise the photos/listed info. I seriously hope they don’t leave negative feedback.


Its a decent price since I refuse to get the sensor cleaned again.

Atleast I’m making progress! Today is the last day to list things and I have about 2 1/2 more hours before I return to my normal factory settings of tired and cranky. Every time Mabibble passes by I yell and ask, ‘You got anything to sell!?’

I really enjoy selling things – I have enough things to sell actually but taking a photo and listing them is tiring. I honestly hope that all the items I listed, which is close now to 35+, that atleast 15 of them sell, so thats 12 more.


Otherwise I’m just sitting in front of the computer holding my bladder for nothing.

Want to buy something from my Horde??? CLICK HERE PLEASE!



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