Selling from my horde…


The day has come.

I feel anxiety even mentioning it…but I am selling bits and pieces of my collection of THINGS on eBay. Among them are plates, rocks and whatever other clutter I can find…I feel the panic attack coming; SOMEONE BUY MY JUNK my mind is screaming!

This is one of the Amethyst clusters I’m posting for sale;  I glued a bismuth crystal I made on it in the hopes it will be even more attractive…

I’ve debated not making a entry since eBay lifts the veil on my anonymity with the right digging, but I really need to sell some things. I just don’t have the display space for them and while I hate excess, I have been online shopping quite a bit.

If any of my wordpress readers want a discount, I will sell you this item for 6 USD, thats 2 dollars off the listed price!


Ugh, I whimpered! How pathetic is this? Someone just buy my crap so I don’t have to drag it into the attic! I will be posting more items for sale shortly in the hopes I attract buyers.

-Bad touch Bear



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