Bar exposure


My stomach feel nasty right now and I’ve already tossed the clothing I was wearing in the wash – How do people enjoy such places?

Thinking back to my college days I went to 1 club and walked right out – I don’t think I’ve ever really visited a bar. Is there a difference between Pub/Gastro bar and then ‘watering hole’ bar?

Upgrading to feeling rancid now – We went to a bar because one of Mabibble’s friends is quitting and moving south. I rarely say I’ll miss a person, but I’m going to miss her and her husband; friendly, alcoholic gluttons who are very similar on a personal level. I had I think barely half a beer before Mabibble stole it from me, the reason they are leaving New Jersey is because the property tax is too much and the husband got a job at the post office.

Apparently in the south property tax is under a grand…Is that true?

The amount I pay + the amount my house is valued at I’m told I could have TWO houses on a nice piece of land; something to consider but then I’ll be even more waylaid and cut off from society.

God how can half a beer make me feel so lousy? My hands smell like cigarettes, my hair too. How do people find Bars attractive?? How do they even pick up one night stands at such places? I wish I had the balls to sit near the taps and further dissect the populous but the setting was just too drastic from what I’m accustomed to. I made Mabibble drive me home only to send him back. I felt bad and although I managed some good conversation.

Not too sure actually on the conversation part actually; I could only talk about certain topics and felt pretty self involved. Thinking it over I actually would have been more comfortable sitting in the middle of traffic than at that Bar and I don’t understand why.

My brain has processed the experience as cracked tile, glazed over eyes, carpeting, smells and music from the …Nope just noise – I know I spotted some songs I knew but all I can think of now is I need to bathe.

My ears also feel funny.

Note to self: Do not eat food from that bar again…

-Bad touch Bear




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