Baby its cold outside!


I think the last time I wrote an entry I was suffering from similar symptoms of dehydrated, a broken lactose treaty and teary; this time I’m just teary from allergies and reading something sad unlike usual teary from desperation/depression/Mabibble.

The only reason I’m actually making a entry is actually because I found the time! Mabibble went to bed at 8-something PM after a day filled with complaints of being unwell. If I’m sick I don’t stay up eating solids, chatting with friends and playing playstation for 5-ilostcount+ hours. (G-d do I detest videogames lately)

I’m down right frustrated with him when it comes to his video gaming. His routine is wake at 3:40 – rush about like a chicken without a head till 4:20, dress and leave for work. Then his work day ends at 1:30, 2 PM where he comes homes and plays videogames till dinner, thru dinner up until I get angry enough were I start yelling.

I took a video of him holding on to dear life his Nintendo DS while snoring and posted it on his Facebook since the application was open on his phone. He almost died of embarrassment and shame and he had quite a one sided argument with me; I just ignored him.

His ‘relaxing’ time is so precious he will fall asleep cuddled with a videogame and not the ‘love of his life’ as once written in a card. Meanwhile after many arguments I finally got him to do his laundry thats been sitting for more than a month. The household mechanics I assumed would happened have crumbled to the point I don’t cook meals anymore, I refuse to clean my messes and if he needs something I just ignore him..So back to factory setting with me, messy and somewhat spiteful.

Meanwhile I have a PS4 upstairs and yet I haven’t turned it on since August. I want to call him a loser; I don’t want some sports obsessed blotto warming my bed vs a hardcore gamer, and I don’t think I could survive other domineering type personalities. I just want someone who will have a conversation with me while not canoodling a remote or controller or cellphone and to make it worse, he is talking about having a baby.

Eight months of living here and we finally have ‘relations’ that I compare to..Oh I dont want to insult him anymore but it was awful. How am I going to survive a baby (which I do want) and marriage? His mother says he would make a wonderful mother…Yes she said mother; but honestly ugh. Just ugh.


And ofcourse this entry was to be about how cold it is outside, the windchill, living on a concrete slab and cold floors…and how I had to pick up the heating bill on top of the new bed I just paid off. (It has remotes! He snores less…Yet my back still hurts)

Yuck! I’m just going to cower in the bathroom till the Kefir I drank has been purged. This entry sounds angry.


I need a therapist,

-Bad touch Bear


3 thoughts on “Baby its cold outside!

    • I was thinking about that, the poo factor. Mabibble would finally have competition on whose the #1 pollutant of this house’s ozone.

      On a upside note, I told him I’ve mentioned his gaming habits online and he turned a shade of red, started a argument but finally took apart the closet doors I’ve been wanting gone, did his dishes AND folded his laundry. This is the second time I’ve had to do something drastic to get his attention. So a wonderful valentines day!

      How was yours? I hope your V-day gifts you some alone time with supermom.

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      • Hey the fact he knocked out some to-do list is super good news. Men do a calculation of worth the effort vs. not worth the effort so that should be some validation. Supermom throws a weekly fit to get my attention too. The surefire way to address those items is to start doing them loudly and insist that “I got this, you can keep playing. No seriously, I dont mind.” He wont be able to take the contradictory logic. (Personal experience)
        We do have some alone time for V-day. We can blog and Jamberry nail in peace. Yay!

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