From hot to cold


Holiday cheer.

Its harder to escape when you live in a house where neighbors are across the street and on left and right. Blinking lights tackily hanging in obvious places, blow up lawn clutter – one neighbor had a blow up Santa hanging from their roof, there was a big smile on my face this morning when it wasn’t there. I’m going to assume the wind got it…Now if only the wind would be a helpful accomplice and eat up the rest of their lawn friends – Halloween was really ridiculous but not extremely garish.

I’m Jewish, mentioned many times and I grew up Jewish. So envious of my neighbors as a kid with their holiday lights and the shiny bauble decorated tree, all I had were some yucky wax candles in unpopular muddled colors or the electric menorah where I got to screw in a bulb for each day. Then sometime later in the 90’s I saw strands of just blue lights – I wanted them so badly but my father wouldn’t have it and said the lights in the basement were good enough.

I JUST realized after that house has been long gone and demolished I never took with me the festive and very old fashioned light set with me. The bulbs were all sorts of colors some painted others a see thru color.

Mabibble keeps unplugging my lights so I clawed him earlier.

I don’t regret it – He has stopped me from enjoying a lot of harmless things lately so he had it coming. I feel enough spite in my belly I think I might turn the heat down low, lower than 68 degrees. He touches the thermostat way too much and most of the past decade of living in a heat controlled environment, I relish in being able to go to sleep under a warm blanket and not have freezer packs by my feet and sides.

When the cooler weather hit I was a bit stunned. I own only two long sleeve every day shirts. I used the holiday sales to buy a fleece, hoodie & lots of warm lounge pants but somehow I forgot the long sleeve shirts so I just wear a blanket cape 27/7.

I wonder how long it would take me to knit a blanket?

My grandmother knit beautiful heavy blankets but I HATE them…I like the heavy scarves I’ve knit though, maybe a cape.

Wouldn’t that be weird – wandering around at home and in public wearing a cape? A hooded cape no less…Hooded poncho cape…


– Bad touch Bear




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