Under a rock, hiding with the dirty dishes…


There’s a dirtied pot sitting on my treadmill and next to that is the cat whose yawned for the fourth time. I think he has gotten tired of trying to telepathically tell me he is hungry; that bastard is always hungry.

Fifth yawn is followed by a upwards stretch and a ‘Buwwumpa-Bwooppuh’ which loosely translates to ‘I see movement and I know its you’; the blanket I’m hiding under isn’t doing the job.

For the past couple months basically I’ve lived under a new rock, synonymous with moving into this new home. Aberdeen…Its NOT Brooklyn, and GOD do I miss Brooklyn. Sometimes I hear sirens here too, but more likely its the annoying neighbors and thier yappy dogs, yappy kids or gas guzzling trucks; I do not 100% like it here. I miss my Grandmother, Bo – the other cat and all the conveniences of living in a metropolitan area…Supermarket under a mile away – the subway and busses! Yet what I miss most of all is the sky.

Four stories in the air with a fire escape, I had a wonderful view of humanity at work. If I climb to the second floor of this house all I see is other houses & trees BLOCK SUNRISE AND SUNSET…Its sent me into a slight depression. Mabibble knows what time it is because I’ll complain loudly around the times of sunrise and sunset; he is usually playing videogames or sleeping OR BOTH. He sleeps VERY WELL, once he managed to fall asleep while eating and had food all over his face and shirt…I may act like a child for attention with loud noises but he has me beat when it comes to the other things babies do…I’ll leave it to your imagination but I’ve come up with a new nickname: Dumptruck McSkiddler. I’m very disappointed with his um…Skills? Cooking, cleaning, self care, lack of vocabulary, lack of forethought, no anger now girl, rein in that hate and save it for another day; just remember – he has qualities that you dont have: The ability to talk to strangers (that are normal) and make friends.

>>Insert a extreme sadface emoji here<< I AM MISSING BROOKLYN BAD! I dont really want to know how much weight I’ve gained or money I spent but I know Mabibble has not…Take away one TV, one playstation and tools except a hammer and bottle nose clipper and thats his possessions bought into this – I even end up buying his underwear and socks because the bastard has stolen countless socks (And a couple shirts). I feel used and there’s no sex involved in this relationship as usual I’ve made myself upset when I just wanted to update on somethings nice.

The cat wont stop crying for food…The imagery popped into my head of a burnt out mother ignoring her crying baby in the crib not too far away while smoking a cigarette. I do not want to feed the cat because I’ll want another cup of coffee which would technically be cups 3 &4 since 8 oz is a serving and my cup holds 14 oz…Rambling – he shut up so I’m guessing he is licking plastic somewhere.

The walls are still yellow, the rug still grey; Mabibble is too busy usually playing videogames and I have no drive to paint. I want navy walls he wants lighter – I tell him to give me money to pay off his loan to me, he goes and buys white paint…Its been sitting atleast 3 months. I have bought light fixtures and other random things..Like a dresser finally. That day is a story for reminicing on how…Y’know its been 4 or is it 3 months and he hasn’t fully patched the hole in the wall. My art supplies are held hostage in the ‘wash room’ along with other boxes in the garage. I haven’t made this place my own really.

Eight years of compact living has resulted in some bad habits and now because Gma isn’t here to gently remind me when to do things, I’ve let the dishes in the sink grow, the stove top isn’t clean and the last time I mopped was sometime in July when I first moved in. Think I also broke the Dyson vacuuming up apple sauce but I’m not telling Mabibble that since I bought it and he used it to vacuum up fireplace ashes. Then there is the bathroom. Thank god there are 3 in this house – I only use the one downstairs and will give no more details on the two upstairs.

Thank you Mabibble – I always wanted a big useless child to live with. I knew I had a temper but if I had the strength to beat him up, oh I would. Even now as he sleeps upstairs he tests my limited patients and when the cat is being bad which is often, I might mistakenly call him Mabibble’s name and not Bear…Why kitty require food at 12AM is just beyond me.

Looks like I’m making that other cup of coffee – Maybe one day I’ll actually invest in a coffee maker because everyone likes surface cluttering appliances

– Bad touch Bear


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