Sue me I unscrewed a lightbulb!


When you live alone/live with a family member and then move in with someone new to begin a new life of hopefully ‘freedom’ you find out things aren’t as easy as seemed; in fact that person you might know very well is almost a total stranger.

Mabibble’s quirks are driving me nuts; I told him to leave countless times if he has issues. He didn’t drop his whole bank account to buy the house so he has no obligation to stay here. What triggered this?

I got tired of how he falls asleep with lights/TV on so I unscrewed the bulb in his lamp and hid it. Honestly its not hiding – its on the frigging window sill but really if you need a god dammed night light at his age, just man up and say it!

His reasoning by the way for leaving the light on is so I can see when I go up stairs later. (I stay up and go to bed usually at 11/12PM just goofing around or listening to crickets) Meanwhile I can see just fine in the dark, its even BETTER if the light is off when I head upstairs because any visual stimulation keeps me awake…Along with his snoring. I can be downstairs in the garage – the opposite side of the house and hear him! I also cannot stand how he leaves his cell phone on at night or even that the smoke/fire detector in the bedrooms casts a green glow.

Talking about cell phones – this idiot owes me close to 40k and goes and buys a new one because the GPS is faulty and it SOMETIMES drops calls. Big woop, I use things till they break.

He always needs to have the newest thing, and is currently complaining about having no dressers. ‘Hey asshole, either earn over 20k a year or pay for them because the bank of baby is broken. Start paying me back and maybe I wont unscrew your bulbs!’

I meant for this entry to be light and fluffy and here I’m ranting. I guess since its a rant entry I’ll continue ranting.

So we know I rather tread in the dark and save electric, I’m thrifty when it comes to food. I’m paying for it, so obviously I’m picking what goes in the cart….WRONG. How many times have I not kept a eye out for the ‘pizza rolls’, ‘pop-tarts’, or whatever other junk he happens to be craving. WE OWN A HOUSE, THIS HOUSE HAS FOOD – EAT THE GOD DAMMED FOOD I COOKED YOUR ASS AND STOP EATING PROCESSED SHIT.

He lived with his parents and thats ALL he ate. I’ve come to understand its not because his parents didn’t want to feed him nutritional stuff, its just what he gravitates towards.

Then he has his friends over without giving me a day’s warning. I’m not ‘full on friendship’, if I’m not given warning atleast 3 days prior I’m going to be somewhat standoffish towards someone and or unsocial. That wasn’t the case this time BUT he didn’t warn me so nothing was taken out of the freezer for dinner.

At 4PM he takes out the large ground beef I bought at costco saying it will defrost in time to make burgers.


Last BBQ I made them, and before that I was the one who prepped the food too. In MY HOUSE we do not put meat in the microwave to defrost – that is just gross and defeats the purpose of cooking with another method.

So after letting him hear this, he puts it in the fridge..and I find it today..FOUR DAYS LATER. Grey, bloody and forgotten by everyone. 26 dollars of ground beef fed to the garbage can. I’m curious though, I’ve had meat sit in the fridge for that same amount of time and not turn like this meat did, while I dont think its the fridge it makes me question now the quality of meat bought at costco.

Today I grilled.

Mabibble wasn’t home, I was hungry and there was beef. Soft tender chuck that I had left to marinate for 6 hours; I have never grilled meat before but it turned out so well! Mabibble wasn’t that thrilled because it was medium – rare and he likes his meat well done – close to charcoal. I am also sick of his hot dog cravings; I think I’ve had my yearly dose of nitrates. The worst part about eating a hot dog is when they repeat on you or that taste just doesn’t leave the mouth making you think, ‘Hey I can have another’…UGH his friends took two dogs to one roll and he then took three…What is this a wiener contest?

Then the clip earlier today on my refurb Dyson broke; the little plastic red clip that attaches the head to the ball. Mabibble had a hand in that breaking since he has used the vacuum more than I have and the clip fell off as soon as I tried to use it. Ten days after my 30-day return window this happens soI’ll have to call Dyson and hope they can remedy it…What else happened?…

I baked banana bread…Mabibble made choco pud and got it ALL OVER THE STOVE. Its like this guy doesn’t know how to clean up while cooking or even clean PEROID but complains to me constantly to move my stuff upstairs.

My house, my rules. Why move it upstairs when I’m just going to need it later?!

I have the urge to just drape dirty laundry all over. I’m the only one who does laundry in this house anyway…Wait, I have been leaving my dirty goods in unconventional places.

Dirty panties on door knobs are bad right?

Atleast they aren’t on the floor…Unlike when I left my bra’s out on the table and Mabibble had his freaking friends over for dinner.

Asshole didn’t even put them away; I’m sure it made a lovely centerpiece while eating friggin hotdogs!

I could complain more, like how I’m planning to sell my Nikon D5200…Anyone want to buy it for 200? Comes with extra battery, all accessories, original box, 4 months left on the warranty AND a 18-55 lens.

Should just list it on craigslist but I’d NJ is just so inaccessible!


-Bad touch Bear


3 thoughts on “Sue me I unscrewed a lightbulb!

      • That’s a occasional arrangement. But I have had my share of homely pains πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the straight words,really appreciated :). I do try to improve,sometimes, they work, sometimes I resign πŸ™‚


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