Truancy and the tramp


I think that title describes my views towards life extremely well. I was a truant in school, as here I am absent majority of the time because its …exhausting wring a entry.

I haven’t been here in a while because my new house, my new bills, my same unemployment, my same lax behaviors on cleaning… I need a personality tune up.

As for the tramp part – I really feel like some loser being unemployed but now its even worse since everything here you need to drive. The other day I took a walk and couldn’t be bothered to walk down to the ghost-like shopping center. Nothing there I want anyway. OH it was also the first time I actually went outside and walked around, a month and 2 weeks living here and I’ve been ‘outside’ but thats was just to water my dying lawn.

Finally met the last of the ‘neighbors’ too; its like this family is just too important or really doesn’t care, which is fine by me, I wish the person living on the right side was like that.

‘Every day is like meetin someone new’


She has Alzheimer’s.

I want a brick fence.

I am sick of being asked ‘When the baby is coming’ and all the other similar questions asked – If I were more mean of a person every time I meet her I should use a different name but we never seem to get that far since she speaks fast spanish and gets distracted talking about her Alzheimers which is like a bad looping RPG.


Its easier to write entries in my head, but today I managed to squeeze one out since I need to digest all the cookies I ate. I baked for the first time since Mabibble had over some of his PSN friends…I’m currently addicted to playing ESO (Elder scrolls Online) and my camera there is issues with the sensor…So.

At the end of the day, I still dont have furniture – I didn’t paint, I didn’t neatly put away my boxes and Mabibble is snoring from a BBQ coma I think. I’m also SICK of buying things online; didn’t think it was possible but the day has come! Way too many things have been ordered and come to me damaged or not what I ordered so I’m taking a break.

The next thing I buy will probably be a new camera after this one gets fixed, I want to sell it badly! And quite possibly my own playstation…If that were to happen though, I’ll never manage to unbox my belongings. Meanwhile I’ve not received a house warming gift from Mabibble’s combative family yet my own Gma has given me the moon and then some.

The cat wants food – thats another entry – time to go.

– Bad touch bear


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