ALIVE and somewhat buggy…


I’m sitting here feeling like a fast food coma is washing over me along with OUTSIDE exposure. I had to speak to too many adult like unknown creatures, some wearing business attire but flippy flop shoes, others slightly sweaty – beak nosed but from a place I once called home.

Brooklyn, I’m missing you bad.

The whirring of ambulances and police cars. Subway trains sound different from AMtrack trains; I could tell what time it was by the Subway’s whistle. I don’t know if I miss the upstairs neighbors loud walking while downstairs neighbor would sing off key and play foreign music. Here I am, secluded from other humans in my own home…and there is NATURE out there. Stingy, bitey, tweety and I came across a couple random mushrooms. I already know the neighbor across the way has a motorcycle and I’m practicing my ‘Oh no he did not’ look in the mirror. That hunk-o-junk is loud.

I am SO friggin tired. I mentioned that I believe, I haven’t posted or logged on in a while but I thought about a couple bloggers randomly past month or so.

No furniture so I’m going to nap on this un-vacuumed floor for now; I don’t think I feel joy upon finally moving out into my own place…I feel kinda lonely and have been reminded how badly I need furniture but enjoy what little money I have left…And there’s also a problem about nothing in walking distance…Unless I want to play with calcified white dog poo.


– Bad touch Bear


6 thoughts on “ALIVE and somewhat buggy…

  1. It is tough when you finally get that house – with no money to spare. I well remember having nothing to sit on but a concrete floor! And it takes time to get used to the new neighbour sounds.
    As long as you aren’t eaten alive by Alsatians, a la Bridget Jones, (All By Myself!) you’ll be fine!

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