If Hindsight was 20/20 – Entry for May 5th


Red Finch found @ google

I was sticking my head out the window catching some warm sun when this little bastard caught my eye a couple days ago. Before I could focus on it and its traveling companion had flitted off. I’m really amazed on the different kinds of finch that exist let alone in Brooklyn; the day before was a yellow finch, then the next a red one. Currently when I look out the window the leaves hide the branches; Its amazing what a week of growth does.

When I move I’m going to greatly miss being up this high, closer to the sky and wildlife without having to scale a tree.

I’ll miss the bastard squirrels, the doves that perch on the fire escape and coo; admittingly I’ll even miss the diverse city people who I watch like animals at a zoo.

Just reminded me I NEED to visit the aquarium and one of the borough’s zoo’s before I move.

I NEED to experience Manhattanhenge, I need to crawl thru the city and just take photos, I need to say my farewells to the lovely NYC before the end of June.

If hindsight was 20/20 I would have done this long before. If I planned more meticulously, I would have never bought this teapot that doesn’t match ANYTHING I own. If I had a look into the future I would have counted my pennies tighter and not allowed ‘Mabibble’ to throw away most of my Library/VHS collection OR as many toys.

Fast-forwarding this post now two weeks later I realized I haven’t improved in thinking ahead. There is a great conflict  in the items I’ve bought; they vary from ‘modern geometry’, ‘chic’ to ‘elementary school’. The house is cold hued where my imagination is vibrant and warm.

I keep pretending I can make this work but its hard to it is to tie a theme together when working with someone elses personality and then my own mess…I don’t even live there yet! Also the expense! I really had no idea what I nice couch went for and some singular chairs that I’ve looked at are priced…I could buy 7 months of gourmet groceries for two with the price some of the furniture costs!

My Grandmother said I should buy a china set for 12. TWELVE PEOPLE? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??? If I buy things according to Gma-logic, I’ll be sleeping on my air mattress for much longer than anticipated unless I learn how to make sturdy furniture from wood. I bet she anticipates a full dining room set too; my answer of course is to pretend we are camping and sit on cushions…But I know she wont go for that, or decorating with plushies all over.

While my cousins are no longer toddlers, I KNOW they wont visit unless I decide to host a holiday and what’s left really? No one will want to drive to the farthest house with no attractions July 4th, My neighborhood has no temple so Rosh Hashanah is a no-go. Easter? As much as I love hiding things and eggs, Jew’s don’t celebrate Easter, its too close to Passover…Mneh. Also what would we possibly talk about?

I began ranting and forgot where I was going as usual. I feel like a dog that’s been tied to a fire hydrant and forgotten. I made friends with my own reflection in a puddle but continue to bark at it and have managed to get tangled in my leash.

If anything I’ve realized one good point; No one will visit just because its far away!  One Aunt has two houses while the other is never at her house so the probability of either visiting willingly is pretty slim. Not to mention another cousin is now going off to college.

Think I’ll go practice barking at myself in a mirror, trying to finish this entry is leading me in circles.

– Bad touch Bear


2 thoughts on “If Hindsight was 20/20 – Entry for May 5th

  1. Simple house shifting creates much chaos and you are planning it afresh, I can imagine the mess. When we started working on moving in few years back, we faced the similar situation. Even today every few days, we find a thing we bought was useless and we need something entirely new ! And then begins the hunt for catalogues, raking brains out for better prices, reliable stores etc etc…


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