Give me your 500 words or less. Entry for 4/30/15


I got a phone call today of a woman speaking Creole asking to speak to her niece; the only reason I knew that is because I told her to speak in English cause you have the wrong number. I think she would have kept talking if I didn’t interrupt her. 500 Words in a foreign language.

Cruzing thru wordpress I entertained the same pattern; I have patients to read a whole entry – some of you guys write some good stuff! It’s just today is the 4th day that I’m functioning with very little sleep. The whole new house in the works and how I cry for my bank account with the realization that furnishing a house is very fun and very expensive. I told ‘Mabible’ we might be eating ketchup and mustard sandwiches while sitting on plain metal folding chairs – Ther’ll be no table because he has such a hole in his mouth when he eats, and the ‘dining room’ is carpeted. He got somewhat quiet after that since he knew it was a joke but a serious one.

I entertain myself vastly on eBay, Joss & main, Macy’s and other random sites; there are just so many – I am thankful for the internet. ‘Mabibble’ thinks we will have cable and that i’ll let him put his 60″ in the living room. I told him to keep dreaming, and he is, with a lazy boy recliner. When you have company over – what is the first thing they do? Admire your possessions? And when the talk has become stale or subject too strained where do they turn? While I like to think I’m humble, I know I am greedy in most aspects and for attention (positive only please) is what I seek – I don’t want you driving a distance only to turn on ‘How its made’ on the science channel; not that I can afford cable TV. I also find it irritating when they play with their cell phones but I can’t confiscate them at the door.

It will be a long time anyway before I have guests over, unless ‘Mabibble’ gives into my scheming to have a party without furniture. Just imagine how uncomfortable they will be! How they wont spend hour upon mind numbing hour talking about THEIR kids, THEIR pets, THEIR jobs or THEIR life. Maybe I will even get lucky enough and they’ll bring a house warming gift! I can dream, I know it’ll not be something expensive so the list of things I’ve been compiling ranges from plant seeds (pretty cheap if you harvest it from something you ate) to …Honestly quite a bit of things I picked out are actually plush toys that could be used as pillows. I don’t trust people to buy something on my lists because they might search for something similar but of cheaper quality – like towels.

Blab. Anyway here are links to thinks I read during the day that were somewhat interesting.

– Bad touch Bear


6 thoughts on “Give me your 500 words or less. Entry for 4/30/15

    • I wont be able to move in until the end of June; I hope they take their time and in fact they as for more! I will miss the amazing sunsets I see right now and how I can walk to everything!
      I’ll even miss the neighbor below me who sometimes plays Michael Jackson songs on repeat/smokes skunky pot.

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      • I’m planning on moving into a single house – two stories and not as high up as I am now. (I’m on the 4th floor) but it will be ALL MINE.
        The original owners are moving to a 50+ living community, I dont know if its they wanted to not rush while moving things/ its a long distance or they were still looking.
        I hope they take longer because I only have to put a down payment which is I think 1/16th of the full amount and then when they finally leave, I pay the full amount.

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      • Wow, to have your own house at such young age 🙂 I can’t think of buying at the moment and it is going to take a good long years before I start thinking of one and certainly it will take years to finish the downpayments… It’s an achievement for you 🙂


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