Toenail, Bear with the Bee and fine china. Entry for April 27, 2015


I just had a double Ugh.

I’m irate, have to pee and feel visually overloaded. There are other symptoms I could list as well but they generally fall under irate. On the upside I am also ‘elated’ but its constantly being dragged down by ‘taxes’ and ‘measurements’ – I’ll get to that later.

The other day Gma asked me to borrow a nail clipper. If you’ve seen in comics gnarly toe nails, i’ll let that be your example. So that nail clipper sat on the tv tray for a couple days before Gma then finally asked me to ‘clip’ the nail. Yellow and thick and curled, I had to cut it in sections and to remind you I had mentioned this in the past – She doesn’t care for her self as in lotion so that ideal applies to cleaning her feet appropriately. I clipped the nail in four sections but noticed how the nail wiggled so easily. She had banged her toe into her dresser and the nail had been loose for a while.

So today as she sat down for the 4pm news, barraging me with questions unrelated, I didn’t feel like looking her in the eye; it was then I found the offending toenail missing.

The whole nail which I was afraid to touch and cut two days ago? She tells me when I ask it came off this morning. It got caught in her blanket so she just ‘plucked’ it off…Those nails she sports on her feet are long! I’m honestly amazed they didn’t break in her socks or even poke holes. I applied hydrocortizone, A&D and Neosporin. It looks swollen but the skin looks slightly better than I expected.

Then I realized Bear had been a little too frisky as I entered Gma’s bedroom to put my neosporin in a very visible place for her to use later. He greeted me with ‘lets play’ body language and chittering meow; then ran happily to the window. Earlier today I spotted a teeny tiny female yellow finch I believe – it was slightly green so more green than yellow. I got a couple pictures of the small titter before it flew off; I wasn’t even watching the window at that point – so finding the bumble bee on the floor was a piece of cake compared to a tiny green bird in a big green tree.

Bird 5 by EdibleShoes

Bumble Bee by EdibleShoes

Unlike ‘Mabibble’ who is deathly afraid of bugs, I didn’t resort to sending the poor bug to a vacuum cleaner death. Trapping it easily under a glass and using a paper under. Simple remedy to setting the poor bee free…It would be simple if Bear or whatever other forces in this home didn’t damage the bug. Sluggish and with a gimpy leg I released it on the windowsill; this was after battling with the screen since I installed it backwards previously because..just because. In the end perhaps I should have fed it some of my precious honey before letting it waddle off to a 4 story drop. I HAVE been eating honey all day today, but that’s because I’m too lazy to cook.

I really WONDER HOW it got in Gma’s bedroom; there are no real entry ways. My nail chipped from that effort; I only have 4 hours of sleep under my belt.

20150427 180222 by EdibleShoes

Oh wait…It was the other hand that had the more noticeable chip.

I was up ALL NIGHT looking at cups to match my most recent purchase.

Pier 1 Imports 2015 Easter Bunny Salad Luncheon Plates. Set of four (4) 8in Brand new & unused in Box.

I probably over paid and I don’t what I was searching, but bunny plates wasn’t on the list last night. I think I spent with shipping on eBay 67.90; I’m trying to coordinate 4-6 place setting since I’m in the process of buying my first house.


Said it.

The price was right although it has NO BASEMENT, NO EAT IN KITCHEN, the back yard is TINY, there is a protected ‘forest’ on the back part of the property that I CANT BUILD ON, the living room and dining room are TINY, Did I mention its not a eat in kitchen? The staircase isn’t smack in front of the door but it doesn’t look natural…The master bedroom is TINY and there is a suspicious lack of space on one side…And then property taxes. They are 85##.## a year. OH and I don’t really like the neighborhood – Cross the train tracks and it looks run down and I have no real opinion on the schools in the neighborhood. BUT the house has charm I guess…I think I was fooled into this. The realtor was in the back seat, I overheard a conversation that someone was trying to buy the house before us but had bad credit and couldn’t get a mortgage. 325k cash I’m spending…I didn’t really sign any paper work but if I back out ‘Mabibble’ will be EXTREMELY angry since we’ve been looking for a year and then some…But HE ISN’T PAYING FOR THE HOUSE! HE ISN’T BUYING THE FURNITURE OR PAINT OR WOOD OR EVEN PAYING FOR THE LAWYER/INSPECTOR. HE CAN BARELY PAY FOR ANYTHING AND I’M HERE- UNEMPLOYED WHILE HE MAKES UNDER 25K A YEAR.

I really wasted my good years on a dying cause; but atleast I have hipster bunny fine china.

Regretting EVERYTHING now,

Bad touch Bear


2 thoughts on “Toenail, Bear with the Bee and fine china. Entry for April 27, 2015

  1. A house, wow, now that’s great news – congratulations. I used to live in a tiny – I mean tiny – house 15 years ago, but it had bags of character. I would move back in anytime, just loved it. Hipster China, love that one :))


    • What made you move? It wasn’t a ‘bag of character’ dropping from the ceiling (e.i. the ceiling falling apart).

      Besides china, I had no real clue how much it cost to comfortably furnish a house but I know its a bit. Not that I have any furniture but the things I DO own, nothing matches.


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