Sims 4 not working, black screen then zooming away – Entry for 4/22


I’m pretty fed up with the Sims 4 and my computer. While you wont see me looking over a mother board and upgrading with better components I do KINDA know my computer and that it meets the minimum requirements to play the game.

Recently upon start up when loading the first plumb bob screen, it’ll turn black and then do a continuous zoom away; once I get to the screen to press the ‘play’ button – It does that black screen then zooming and I am unable to play the game. It DOES load I should mention but it does the continual zooming away so I can’t click anything. The only way to exit the game is a Alt+Ctrl+Del

I thought it was something with my graphics card but this issue started yesterday and persisted all day today until after I did a sfc scan, but started back up after a reboot. Since then its been a on again off again deal.

I made a forum entry @ finding someone else has the similar problem and no one replied there so I was forced to load a chat client to deal with customer support.

GOD. The first guy who had a cute name was like, ‘Exit the game and reboot’….Similar to asking ‘Is your computer even on?’ I had done many things before contacting him – repairing the game in Origin, deleting Cache files and making sure all my software ends of updating were updated. I spent a hour and a half with him where after running a msconfig and unclicking some stuff from start up I needed to reboot. The computer now runs MUCH slower on start up. He wasn’t helpful I felt and slow; he also wanted me to DL a 3rd party CCleaner but I already have one.

The next guy had a more American name so perhaps I treated him better – definitely better than the 3rd guy. We went thru many steps where I was forced to do a dxdiag and include it in my case and then that sfc/scannow BS which at the end the game started to work but after rebooting…It was back to not working again.

Then the 3rd guy I’ve talked to who did not help fix the problem at all – I ended up DLing a program I didn’t want to check if my computer met the requirements to run the game. Then they suggested I make a new admin user on my computer and the issue should go away. Begrudgingly I did so and the issue did NOT go away. By this point I have spent SIX hours trying to trouble shoot this problem which is why I’m making this entry. If you have this problem with your Sims 4 contact Customer service!

So far – Not including the BS I had to deal with uninstalling and re-installing Origin and the Sims 4 and then deleting Cache, cleaning my own PC and DLing 3rd party software, here are some other steps that might be helpful for other people who have the same issue.

1- If you have Windows 8 click on Apps and scroll to ‘Command prompt’ and right click, opening it in Adminstrator. Type in sfc/scannow . Doing this will make the computer look over the flies and repair any that are corrupted; In my case there were a couple that were unable to fix but this game was working before this issue.

2- Press the windows button and R type in dxdiag click on ‘Display’ and then Save all information

3- Press again the windows button and R. Type in msinfo32 and then go to file and export.

Doing these three steps BEFORE talking to a rep should save you time. You will probably need to zip the CBC file saved from your sfc scan; supplying these three things will help expedite your query..Unless you get two…PEOPLE…who I feel didn’t read a damned thing in my chat log’s history.

Below are more things you can do if your game is not working. As of 11:32 (EST) 4/22 my game is still not working right and I have NO MODS OR CUSTOM CONTENT installed.

Dear EA Customer,

Thank you for contacting EA Customer Experience.

I hope that I was able to provide you the assistance you need a while ago.

In case you encounter similar issues with the game, please try these steps:

1. Create a new windows admin user

-On the Start screen, hover your mouse in the upper-right corner (or press the Windows key and C) to bring up the Charms bar.
-At the bottom of the Start Settings pane, tap or click the Change PC Settings link and then select Accounts on the left.
-Under Other Accounts, choose Add a User.
-Select Sign In Without a Microsoft Account
-At the bottom, click or tap the Local Account box.
-Enter name for the new profile and select Administrator.

2. Perform a cold boot
– Shut down the PC
– Remove the plug and wait for 10-20 seconds
– Plug the PC back in and power it on

3. Select the new admin you created to sign in to the PC

4. Update graphics card driver
– Go to this link
– On the Automatic Driver Updates, click on the green download button
– let the program run and update the GPU driver

5. Update Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio
– go to this link
– click on the orange download button
– put a check on all 3 boxes and select next
– proceed with the download

6. Restart the PC, use the new admin again to sign in.

7. Log in to origin and repair the game

8. Launch the game after

If you have other concerns, please feel free to contact us back. We are open 24/7 to cater all your queries and concern, just go to

Keep your accounts safe, information for account security are on the links below:

We have closed this case for now . You can reach us at for further assistance

Dann Henry A. ( EA Customer Experience

Figures on Earth Day- A day you’d probably spend OUTDOORS, I spend INDOORS with a computer & game and then have to deal with this garbage.

I’ve contacted EA support again because at this point I just wanted a reason. The 4th guy Mridul? Reminded me to update my Graphic cards while the 5th person now…This one was very empathetic.

Gyandeep: So, we can escalate now. Waiting for the approval.
Gyandeep: Ah! I can see you have wasted your whole day to fix the game.
you: I haven’t had this problem so the only thing I have to question is the Go to Work expansion pack or a patch. I get the feeling this will not be resolved today
you: YES
Gyandeep: Its really frustrating for you.
you: I have wasted my WHOLE day
Gyandeep: As I can understand as you need to sleep after sometime. Its late night now and have to go for your Job too in morning.
you: I was going to type that…There is one hour left till its the 23rd but if I end this chat now- the problem wont get resolved and I bet when the next patch comes out it wont be adressed.
Gyandeep: Okay, I am going to escalate now.
you: So i’ll have spent money on a game that cost more than 90 dollars accumulated and cannot play it. I should have just bought some books- Books don’t involve overheating, failure to load or graphics causing seizure.
Gyandeep: Apparently, we have tried all the possible fixes that should have fixed the issue. As it turns out none of the steps have resolved the issue so far and it seems that this case would need the intervention of our Expert Team. To get you an effective solution without any delay, I’m forwarding your case to the Expert Team.
Gyandeep: I apologize for not being able to give you an immediate solution.
Gyandeep: Additionally, you can contact us any time should you want to know the status of the escalated case. Here is the case ID :- 18387310. When you will contact to get the status, please make sure to open a new case, instead of opening the same escalated case. This will prevent removing your escalated case from the queue to the specialist team.
Gyandeep: I know going through the rigmarole of technical troubleshooting is not easy and I can’t help but admit that you’ve been wonderful all this while. Respect!
you: Thank you for expediting it. I dont think I will contact anyone after tonight; I’ve had enough. Spending 6 hours on a game is gross, spending 6 hours with tech support is beyond needing mental help.

What a great way to waste a day; if anything I was again reminded of how tenacious I can be for the WRONG cause. The game doesn’t load properly its a 80% chance of not loading.

I’m just DONE.

There are loads of other things I SHOULD be doing like editing a 3 year old’s b-day photos or even being adventerous and going OUTSIDE…But I’m not getting paid for it and Ew. Outside world.

– Bad touch Bear

Update for 4/27 possible solutions:

Dear EA Customer,

Hey there,

My name is Shane and I’m specialist here at EA. I came across your case and just wanted to touch base with you regarding an issue you contacted in about. I apologize for the delay in response, as we usually have a small backlog during this time of the year.

I understand you have a bit of a headache going on with The Sims 4? I definitely apologize for the issues you’ve been experiencing. As a gamer myself, it can be pretty frustrating when all you want to do is wind down, relax, only to find an issue with your game.

Taking a look at your crash report, I do see the following:

Faulting application name: TS4.exe
Faulting module name: TS4.exe

Typically, that means that something is conflicting with the game, either a permissions issue or some other software confliction.

Try the following for me:

Disabled Windows Error Reporting
– control panel> action center> change action center settings> problem reporting settings> disable

Disable the Origin overlay
– Origin client> application settings> In-game> uncheck Origin overlay

Disable UAC
– Windows+R key> type “msconfig”> tools> Change UAC settings> launch> drag scroll bar to bottom

Run game as admin
– Right click on both Origin icon and Game icon> go to the properties> compatibility> Run both of those programs in compatibility for Windows 7 and check the box for “Run as Admin”

Shane M.
EA Customer Experience

I have found disabling Origin helped. I find it amazing how this game in previous generations didn’t require a second host streaming site and now that it uses it, the thing runs in the background taking up resources. Even when I shut the computer down its still running while the game has long been closed out!

I also found playing in fullscreen works too but doing that means I cannot multitask OR keep track of what time it is – so that answer is inconvenient.

Hopefully the solutions listed here help any people in the future who waste their time with this game.

-Bad touch Bear


16 thoughts on “Sims 4 not working, black screen then zooming away – Entry for 4/22

    • Honestly NOTHING since they canned Maxis for not being efficient enough via creating games that sold. They close down any studio apparently that has failure. Its a shame since Maxis has been around for I think 12 years? It makes me wonder if a Sims 5 comes out what would it entail…I just love throwing my money away since I get to control people in a God like fashion. (Which is odd since I feel guilty at trying to kill them off)


      • I remember Sim City but I DL’ed a ripped copy just because I could. I don’t think one person or even a thousand people boycotting would make a difference since the sims’ line has many fans and if you know anything about fanboys/fangirls they aren’t always informed about how companies run business or what BS went into making a game. Kinda reminds me of a game Bungie was working on that took forever – So long that I’ve forgotten which project it was. Doubt the glitches were like these.


    • I just updated the graphics card earlier today with no avail; everything is up to date so that means its the game. I’m going to assume its the Get To Work newest expansion since this started after I started playing more with that game content.
      Whatevz. Like I said to the tech rep: I should have invested my money in books. They don’t cause seizures, over heat or crash and when your done you have a fuel source or can make a book fortress…I feel so sad right now.

      Thanks for trying to help & commenting.


  1. If it’s any help I tried to recover something I lost in my account. The CS guy wasted 30 minutes of my time asking for serial keys of my games to say in the end he could not help me. But that guyvactually giving you lifestyle advice was priceless. Lastly I musr recommend you use a kindle if you aren’t already.


    • Its always on windowed mode so I can toggle between tasks and on the lowest graphic setting so my computer doesn’t burn a hole in my lap or couch cushion.

      Do you play the Sims? I kinda always assumed you were doing something physical and never put the idea of videogames into the mix but what male child does not play videogames? And don’t retort with a male Amish child.


      • Aw ohkay,

        I’m not much of a sims fan, a girl I dated once was crazily addicted to sims, she’d waste almost everyday 3-4 hours and it was extremely annoying.
        I do play videogames but only when I haven’t got anything else to do, I’m more of a fan of rpg games, elderscrolls, fallout series.


      • XD
        How was it annoying? Because she would ignore you for the next 4 hours?
        I honestly can’t focus on the game for more than 2 hours before I feel restless. My sims have gotten into some amazing BS while I leave it runnin and go off to cook a meal or run a errand outside.


      • Yea,
        it’s annoying when someone ignores you for some video game, and like the game she ended up “WooHooing” with others and eventually we broke up.

        I still blame the game for that.


    • Pfft IDK about that but in anycase, breaking up with a girl because the sim she was commanding woohoo’ed with someone that wasnt you?

      Think thats a lil too controling; its not like she was doing it to spite you.


      • Well, I just didn’t breakup cause she was playing a game, that’d be funny !!
        we had our reasons, she wasn’t just woohooing in the game but in real life too 😒


      • Ugh.
        I never understood how people could not be dedicated to one person or how I guess normal dating means you are seeing more than one person at a time. Strange that she was multitasking men but unable to do so while playing a game.

        Liked by 1 person

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