Here – Here for Brain rot! Entry for 4/20


I think I come up with some pretty decent journal names, sadly I don’t think my content lives up to the emotion I put out with those titles. Right now I feel so..dumb? Slightly dumb and a little dazed. I think that’s a side effect of watching any TV my grandmother picks.

We watched ‘Family feud’ with host Steve Harvey and Dancing with the Stars along with an accumulative 3 hours of news from varying channels. What can I drink right now to shake off this brain dead feeling besides sugar and caffeine? Maybe the dreaded…EXERCISE might help?

Ouch my chest just hurt thinking about it – really it did!

This upcomming Thursday I have a RMR test @ my heart doctors office to take. The technician I recall from earlier in the month was amazed by how low my heart rate was while resting and during exercise…Which is why I’m taking the RMR.

I wonder what its like to get ‘high’. I grew up with a father who smoked pot like breathing air, so I naturally have a despondency towards people who do drugs or the concept of taking them. I’m very sure that pot even as medical use is actually good for some like myself who have anxiety but I cant buy into it OR prescribed mood dampeners.

So YAY for today being reefer day – I hope your munchies make you eat something extremely sweet and fatty so you end up with acne or a toothache the next day!

No one said I had to be nice, its my journal after all. While I don’t care for pot smokers, I can say the culture created from it along with music isn’t that bad. I DO actually like the smell of skunky pot that the neighbor below me smokes; I think that’s mostly because it reminds me of my father.

He was an ass tho so why would that make me smile? Mneh.

Last thought for this journal is: ‘While Washington State legalized cannabis as a recreational OK – I wonder how many Republican politicians secretly light one up.’

The answer? I bet none; They’re too busy with escorts or guns for their recreational escape.

Blurgh. Don’t ask who I’d vote for in 2016 – While I don’t like the Democrats,I have no love for the Republican ticket either.

Win me over you over paid bastards – Whatever you talk about in your campaign will go over my head so just blast some AD on TV with you huggin a small & fuzzy.

– Bad touch Bear


2 thoughts on “Here – Here for Brain rot! Entry for 4/20

  1. I am torn. While on one hand, I think that the government should butt out and give people the freedom to be stupid and smoke whichever plant they want, on the other hand, the slightest whiff of strong odors from pot or even cigars makes me feel horribly ill. Therefore, I vote for legal smoke-whatever-you-want, but only in sanctioned locations away from the rest of us. Indoor pot parks? Pot bars?

    I wonder what it is like to get high until I see people who are high or drunk, then think, “Ohhh…THAT’s why I never bothered to find out!”


    • A pot garden – I’ve yet to visit a beer garden but just the term pot and garden go well together like bean bag and burrito. I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘vape’ shops in my area – so I think a pot garden might be plausible – Definitely more Organic.

      I’m the same with perfume/strong odors. I love body mists and perfume but I can’t wear them unless I want a headache and nausea. Cigar/clove smoke doesn’t affect me badly but I’m not going to sit around and allow second hand smoke to get into my lungs.

      You’ve never got piss drunk and done something stupid? I thought everyone who wasn’t me OR over the age of 21 had done that – Good to know I’m not the only one.


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