Time eater, Entry for April 16th 2015


Ah diversions, you surely know how to eat up my time till I’m left mulling over a cold cup of tea or left with emptied dishes to wash. The diversion doesn’t always need to be fancy either, simply having a bright sky and voices to hear might lead towards drifting.

Did you do your taxes?

How was Easter/Passover for you?

Stocked up on allergy medicine yet?

What are your thoughts on spring cleaning?

It’s a shame there are no doctors who specify in the elimination of ‘Time eaters’; I think I am infested with more than one. Not that I would trust any doctor now days, I truly feel those I have met only care about the billing that will follow. I’ve gone to Heart doctor, GI doctor, Eye doctor, Regular and Dentist. None have cured me of my ailments but have given me vague names to what might be plaguing me or carried about their job with minimal effort and extended sub par services.

I don’t feel like writing the rest of this entry, the time eater sleeping near my shoulder is commanding me to lazily stare at the sky and dissect the complexity of sparrow bird song.

Hope Spring is finding you well,

Bad touch Bear


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