The angry wet on Avenue Y -Entry for April 10th 2015


I recall some stereotype of the weatherman generally getting it wrong. A twenty percent chance of rain and look at me; 9:34 AM, uncomfortably damp wearing my warmest coat. To make it more funny, because comedy loves me along with misery – The day before I stepped on a nail; so damp and one of my sneakers was slightly squishy. I had thought while pulling the small nail out of the rubber sole to not wear these sneakers outside again but from the 12 hours that transgressed it slipped my mind.

A common theme for me with new places is to arrive early for an appointment. The ‘where’ would be a Dentist’s office – the ‘why’? Nothing of great importance. I should have clued in that this wasn’t going to go as planned by the particular Dentist I had chosen and their obstinacy to answer the phone. What was I thinking by picking this person because of the Jewish sounding last name? Coney Island is full of Jewish sounding people who are actually Russian or even the other kind of middle eastern.

What does that all matter anyway, the building which looked somewhat dilapidated had no lights on inside. Outside had a empty paint can, half filled with cigarette butts while the floor was littered with Heineken beer caps. Aren’t medical buildings open generally at 9 AM? I tried getting a hold of the office for the umpteenth time because wet and wool socks are not fun…No answer. I called a friend to ask their opinion next and got just air.

If I wanted to have a conversation about egg yolks affecting lactose intolerance, I would have preferred it sometime last week when the topic was re-hashed at a birthday party. 9:50 it was, I had found shelter in the foyer of a apartment building and just held open the outer door for a couple of elderly ladies. I asked them if they ever saw the next door’s Dentist’s office open and they replied in Russian.

While I enjoy the idiosyncrasies of living in this mixing pot called New York; Russian people are somewhat rude, even if elderly and exposed to chivalry. To calm myself I fluffed my grey faux fur coat; I looked like a angry wet animal. This I know because the local squirrels numbered in three said hello to me. One was SO bold it was barely a foot away, hands open and head half tilted. ‘You has for me?’ As if! Why do squirrels always ask me this question with such innocence? While I did look like a giant grey wet blob I don’t make it a habit to feed cute wildlife and children; I think it might be a crime.

I was already upset since GPS told me no public transport ran along the route there, Walking the long distance while progressively getting wet,  the office not open and no one responding… now to add a unforgiving strong smell to piggyback my anxiety and irritation with a begging squirrel. Did that woman need to spritz herself so close to me? Did the wind at that exact time just need to pick up and make me target? I decided it was best to leave before my smart mouth exposed how irritated I was.

10:20 AM; I caught the bus, saw the office still closed and made my way home. A long list of people to call and a warm shower to get rid of the putrid perfume I became a victim of earlier; I’m not that angry but I have no fondness for walking the length I did on Avenue Y.

– Bad touch Bear


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