Who can it be now? Entry for 3/20/15


Que Saxophones.

If you don’t know why I mentioned saxophones, don’t worry too much about it. It’s snowing somewhat heavily, I’ve ‘missed’ another phone call from a unknown number and this past week we’ve had mysterious visitors at the door where I pretended to not be home.

Bear has a cold that cost me 212 USD so far, I think the other cat might have caught it too, I’ve visited a heart doctor and a GI doctor, had my eyes checked – Visited 12 houses on the market and put a bid on one. Renewed my health insurance, made an appointment with a new Dentist..Currently in the process of having 2 months of hellish stomach issues with no resolve in sight.

I’m sure there were other things I did during my absence from blogging but between having to deal with doctors, the cat, Realtors, strangers and lets not forget about Gma; I am no closer to having a new home, finding out what’s wrong with myself or feeling 100%. I can’t honestly say the last time I felt 100% but it might have been in 2012.

Another unknown number called – The only thing I’m looking forward to is a visit from ‘Flo’, who hasn’t shown up and was late last month. Mneh I want to go play Sims4 and finish building houses but right now I have Symphony No. 6 (‘Pastoral’) Op. 68 stuck in my head and I’m considering just going to sleep. I think in my spare time I should currently work on emptying my movie/tv show list. I finished watching Farscape finally and now there is this empty gap that needs to be plugged.

Last thing I read: ‘Watership down’ by Richard Adams

Last movie I’d promote: Jack and his cuckoo clock heart (2013)

I think my first option is best, nap.

I’ll say this – I am very good at sleeping, wish I could get an award for it.

– Bad touch bear.


6 thoughts on “Who can it be now? Entry for 3/20/15

  1. Sounds like you have been busy in your absence. I hate these unknown numbers – sometimes i answer to get them to stop ringing and they ask “Who am I speaking to?” If they don’t know then they shouldn’t be ringing me!!
    Hope you find some solutions to your ongoing illness, that your moggies get better too, and that you find your new home soon 🙂


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