House hunting – Entry for 3/2/2015


Its been two days since and I still feel overwhelmed and exhausted; I am currently in the process of house hunting.
Saturday I was dragged to New Jersey – ‘Mabibble’ had set up a showing of houses since we have been planning to live together. While he wants a house close to his job, I’m paying for the house – yes entirely – which ultimately means what I want should come first. Realistically, who lives next to their job? You cannot expect for prime property in a ‘mall’ type area unless you are willing to pay a lot more money than I am.

So my list of what needs are:

1 – A play room.
While I am not looking for a BIG house, I need to either feel this illusion or have one whole room I can dominate with my filth; that means it needs to have either 3 -4 bedrooms OR a basement OR atleast ONE ROOM that is big that ISN’T the living room.

2 – Property size.
I grew up in a small one story house that had a basement and attic, we had a garage with driveway on a 60×100 piece of land (or was it 80×100 – I don’t remember). For the amount of money I am spending – I expect this size or bigger since property in New York cost more than New Jersey I thought. While I realize no house will be my ‘dream house’ I need a front yard and reasonable sized back or side yard for gardening.

3 – Location.
I realize having a big piece of property within the amount I wish to spend VS location is going to be tough. I want my home to be located near some sort of public transportation. I do NOT want to be in a flood zone and I DO NOT want to be located where ‘Mabibble’ has picked.

My list is pretty vague but I know what I want. We saw a SEVEN houses that Saturday and by the end I felt like I was a mindless thrall including the drool. One of the houses I was actually in love with SO MUCH IT GAVE ME A PANIC ATTACK. I bet your reading and thinking, ‘what?? If you love it – it shouldn’t do that’ but my logic is not like your logic and I don’t feel like – I feel dizzy just thinking about that house. I’m sure this entry would perhaps be wildly hilarious if I put the effort to describing these houses and the PEOPLE met in some of them…But I don’t want to. I experienced so many emotions in one day I’m feeling the after affects two days later.

I guess I’m being greedy.
I didn’t see a house that met my criteria, I threw a tantrum the following morning for multiple reasons not just including house viewing. I think something is up with my body since earlier that month I had serious heart palpitations and after a blood test the doctor wants to see me. He wouldn’t give me any info over the phone but said its not urgent. He needs to be punched; you do NOT withhold information to someone like me who is anxiety prone- I see him Wednesday.

I wish I had someone to coach me on buying my first home – I need to sleep for the next week and not be woken by some shitty cat named Bear or forced to wake up because sleeping all day is a crime in Gma’s book.

I don’t feel like blogging lately, I might take a break even though this is good for me emotionally.

– Bad touch Bear


3 thoughts on “House hunting – Entry for 3/2/2015

      • We rented for 5 years before we could afford a home. Then we bought the one we could afford. Couldn’t be too picky.
        However, good to look for quality, rather than surface prettiness. Often you can get a good buy, because it needs decorating, (and that is all people see), but could be really well built, and then you can get it cheaper.
        I think start looking in the area you want to live. Go each weekend to show houses. You will soon get an idea of what is available for what price. I think it is worth taking the time to get a house you are mostly happy with. (It will Never be 100%) It is the biggest investment most people ever make, so worth the effort. Good Hunting 🙂


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