Random accumulate questions – Entry for 2/26/15


How cold does it need to be for snot or a runny nose to freeze?
Has this ever happened to you?

Do you ever eat two random items and then realize the taste in your mouth is similar to something else?
Like the other day I ate banana peppers pickled and a brownie and it tasted like beef

When talking on the phone do you sometimes wander physically around?
Sometimes, I guess when I’m chatting with someone I like since this hasn’t happened in a while – I end up digging through draws or suddenly decide I MUST DO SOME SIT UPS. I guess normal people would just quietly doodle.

If you do doodle while on the phone, what do you end up drawing? Does it look Organic in nature or just sharp line like scribbles?
I end up drawing circles usually, kind of like a spiralograph.

Is it common to hold ones bladder even though the bathroom isn’t too far off?

Is it common to not reply to something or complete something just because you are enjoying whatever that thing is?
I started being active on Deviant Art again and created a Random Senario thread – I’m having SO MUCH FUN basically torturing people…But even though I’m free and it would be easy to reply right away I purposely hold off and make people wait.

How often do people go food shopping?

Would you try a new food and even though you don’t like it, you would continue to eat it and even go as far as ordering it again in the future?
…I am guilty of this and I don’t know why.

When your eating a meal and your full – but there is about half to just a couple bites left, do you throw it out? Force it down your gullet? Save it for later?

Do you blame others when items go missing?

Do you tell your loved ones you love them? I’m not talking about significant others, I’m talking family members and possibly your own kids.
I use to tell my Grandma when I was younger I loved her, when I hung up it was one of those things I said at the end of a call. Now days I don’t, sometimes I don’t want to even look at her…Like right now because she is eating in the living room and I am SICK of finding pretzel crumbs and pieces on the rug and in the couch.

When was the last time you hugged someone that isn’t 4 legged and domesticated?
I must be pretty greedy, I don’t hug people anymore.

How often do you stop yourself from instigating VS when you know to lay off?
I hate being an adult and just letting people have their way to prevent a fight.

Is it natural for you to be nice to a person or somewhat standoffish?
There was this sciency show I watched at one point that said people are generally programed to be nice, especially if you greet them positively or with a comment. If angry, comments and empathy soothe.

When was the last time someone paid you a genuine compliment?
I seriously cant tell you, online comments are fine and all but they don’t dent my outer ornery shell of jerk-ness.

Hmm, I have more questions but right now I feel like hitting someone. I started a fight with Bear two days going now because he wont let me nap and he won – I have wounds to prove it…Picking a fight with ‘Bo will be a instant K.O. and I don’t want to fight with Gma – Never fight with Gma, just nod and say yes.

Guess I’ll go play in the bathroom and maybe punch a pillow,

– Bad touch Bear


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