Review of Tribe’s Harvest carrot & Ginger Hummus


Carrothumus2 by EdibleShoes

I’m a bit of a oddball if you haven’t noticed. I like eating pickled things as a main dish, when sushi is ordered I ask for extra ginger just to eat as ‘desert’ and sometimes I can make a meal out of just a raw carrot and then I saw this hummus. I can’t recall WHICH brand I started off on, but I think it was Sabra. My first great OD of hummus was when I was about 18 with a box of wheat thins; since then hummus has been a staple in my diet that is eaten at least once a week.

Even though hummus is supposedly easy to make, I currently prefer only Tribe’s brand for some reason, they made another flavor called something martini? It had horseradish in it and I was buying two containers which usually last a week and a half. I occasionally will pick up something because it seems a odd combination, I’m not sure about this flavor.

I think I should be eating some hummus now since thinking back, I cannot recall tasting ginger BUT its there. Its perfectly mixed in with the carrot where its not overpowering and making me think ‘OH BURN’, its slightly mellow and hits my pallet as kind of a after note. In the center there is a herb chop with cilantro…I honestly HATE cilantro but here I love it! The bitterness mixes well with the flavors and adds more texture – there is plenty of texture to begin with since this isn’t plain hummus. As for the carrot flavor, if you ask me what carrots taste like I wouldn’t be able to tell you! I know SOMETIMES when I eat yellow carrots, they taste like parsley. Regular orange carrots have a variety of flavors! Sometimes I get the awful tasting one that reminds me of carpet, or in general they have no taste but carrot juice is very sweet.

This hummus isn’t sweet if your thinking where is this going, SOMEHOW this has ZERO grams of sugar. I don’t understand that since if I juice a pound of carrots, that’s 32 grams of sugar there. I’m extremely curious how that worked out and think something is off with the nutritional facts. There is also 1 gram of fiber; carrots have loads of fiber! If I were to try and make this I bet the ratio of carrot and ginger might be minimal, that might be why I enjoyed this flavor.


Overall my rating for this hummus is a 8.5 out of 10! Since the original picture I have bought another one and it was the last one on the shelf! I don’t know if other people like it or its not doing well at my local grocery.

I wonder if they got the idea for this flavor mix while looking at this photo. Ginger/carrot hair color?

Thanks for reading,

-Bad touch Bear


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