Party cake flavored peep review.



Now that valentine’s day is over (WOO DISCOUNTED CHOCO THAT I Didn’t GET TO BUY) I began to notice Easter candies taking up the first shelves as entering the local grocery. ACTUALLLY they had been there a week before valentine’s day was over – but Mabibble steered me away from the shelves; Mabibble wasn’t there when I went shopping sometime two weeks ago when I came across this:

I love cake. On my list of bad food, cake and cookies always fight over the #1 spot. For FIVE pieces of this marshmallow confection, its only 140 calories. I WONT tell you though how much sugar; this is one of those items you either feed children to shut them up or you eat because you just like the color variety – Knowing the nutritional value will make you swear off them.

These ‘Party cake’ flavor treats, I honestly wouldn’t say they are a replacement for cake. The flavor if your wondering is a buttery and heavy vanilla flavor. After each bite I would sit back and think, where this vanilla flavor is most familiar, you can compare it to artificial vanilla added to coffee.

Blurry right? Think its from the sugar.

A view of the inside of a peep shows the color isn’t white, its a ‘buttery’ yellow color, resulting in a greenish tinged peep. Comparing the pictures below the photo on the left is from the Party cake, the one on the right is from blue bunnies. I bought the bunnies to see if the crystals were the same color, its not like you can just open up a box of something in a store and then just leave it. Well you can but that’s bad.

My final judgment is a 6 out of 10 in flavor while fresh. Nothing can really replace party cake except ‘Party cake’ Ice cream (Only by turkey hill – the other brands don’t taste the same). I think the larger multi colored flakes were very pretty, some peeps had eyes that looked like #2 stains and to be honest I really couldn’t get over the flavor – Maybe because I’m not a true lover of vanilla.

I unfortunately cannot tell you if these taste better stale. I just wanted them out of my kitchen because I had a batch of bunnies (blue) sitting for a week and they didn’t get that nice tough-ness of being left out. I honestly don’t know how long peeps need to sit before getting stale. As a child I cannot EVER recall Peeps existing in my house unless I begged. REALLY begged. Cookies were easy as were chips and ice cream (Because my mother liked chips and ice cream). The only way I found out about Peeps (Like herbal tea) was thanks to one of my Aunties. Both she and her husband have a sweet tooth; whenever a visit would happen I would always sneak in and out the kitchen since treats were just laying about unprotected. Any peep I managed to get were always pink or yellow I recall in hindsight, stale and duck shaped.

Do bunnies taste different from Ducks? I think they do but you get more in a package of ducks than bunnies!

Lastly, do not try to roast a peep. Since they do not have the coating as a packaged marshmallow has all they will do is burn and even sputter little painful sugar crystals.

Yes I got a little burned, just a little.


I don’t think anyone would roast their peeps anyway, unless they’re a frenemy.

Thanks for reading,

-Bad touch Bear


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