A partial review of New Li Du Bakery Inc.


For good mental health, sometimes you need to break normal daily pace and do something different.

That for me always means going outside, the past two days it was sort of a forced event; I had to go to the bank and then I had to return a book.

Eventually I ended up by the subway after accomplishing my tasks, CVS didn’t have what I needed, the Chinese fish market was disappointing looking; the fish were the wrong color. They had raspberries for 1.29 but I ended up with only a dollar bag of sprouts.

Irritated that I couldn’t buy fish, I decided to visit the New Li Du Bakery Inc. At least once a season I’ll visit the store, its so small I easily forget about it and just walk past but if you compare it to a similar store in the city – the price is better.

Bakery review by EdibleShoes

In their front case there are always small and cute decorated cakes, I generally buy just a bun or two, red bean or pork. Today I bought a raspberry cake; I’ve just realized how bad I sugar overloaded so I don’t think I’ll eat it today but I did eat two other things which helped me reach that overloaded feeling.

Sweet rice roll
When I first saw this item, I was hoping for MAYBE daikufu since I’ve never tried it before. What I tasted reminded me of Poon without the nice gritty texture. The outside was wet and sticky, covered in small shavings of coconut; it was very gelatinous. I’m assuming rice starch or what happens when you make rice in sugar and don’t wash it? The first bite I swallowed I didn’t want to chew this item as with remaining bites, I just couldn’t savor this treat for some reason. Inside the roll was chopped nuts with more coconut. Quite a bit fell out and by now I managed to get some of that gelatinous rice concoction on my shirt.

Bakery review 2 by EdibleShoes

For someone with a big appetite, I was full after one piece. 15 minutes and I still feel this cold jiggling in my stomach – Slightly better than jello, not better than rice pudding. It definitely left a trail down my esophagus and into my stomach, a half our later after drinking water – I feel a weird expansion in my stomach. If I had the chance to eat it again – I actually might since it was not a familiar texture. It was priced at 80 cents BUT was slightly sweeter than I would have liked.

Roast pork bun
I ALWAYS get this item and the red bean paste bun; today I was disappointed. The bread had a damp quality and was slightly too sweet for my taste and the filling was way too sweet; I’m also use to I guess vegetable filler, the meat used wasn’t as generous as I’m used to either. I has bought a pork bun from them in the fall and at that point I found the bun wildly contrasted what I got today. I felt the filling was very geleatenous too, only my last bite really had a piece of meat that left me unsatisfied.

Maybe another time I’ll review their other items but today I’ll leave it at this.

Good price, varying quality depending on what your getting. I can always say the red bean bun’s quality is the same except always too sweet for me to really enjoy.

Thanks for reading,

– Bad touch Bear


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