Accumulative thoughts – Entry for 2/12/2015


What does a cat who has been rolled generously in glitter look like?
I wouldn’t be able to show you since he just shook (like wet animals do), there are clumps of micro glitter just smashed into the rug.

“I want to know – My lovely, Where do you go? WHERE DID YOU GO GOD DAMMIT” (That except is actually from a song but not exactly like that.) I seem to have misplaced the rest of the Liquid set…It now makes total sense WHY I didn’t post 50 photos by now.

Being obese and trying to take photos, its not working out. Right now I’m supremely pissed off by how tired I got within a hour of moving around – having to fix my lighting – Rearranging objects – being tight with space because there is NO SPACE to shoot in this APT and then…I’m tired of complaining. Seriously.Friggin.Tired. I just want to do a Hulk and smash something.
Besides having issues with myself I just noticed on the most recent set up with those kids; the new lens I tried out – I don’t know if they fixed it fully or its created during processing! After taking a tea time-out I went back to look at the processing VS un processed and its STILL THERE IN THE RAWS. I’m feeling really insecure since I bought this lens as a refurbished item and cannot return it.
Untitled-1 by EdibleShoes

The lines are seriously bumming me out- Can anyone debunk this?!

When I get this angry and miserable I think its PMS, which is very possible seeing I usually get a gift from by body on Valentines day. I’m thinking I wont this year but I’ve already had some pretty crazy dreams.
I should just drink some more water. I tend to dehydrate all year round but its more pronounced in the winter and summer.
Talking about winter – WHERE THE **** ARE YOU SNOW? It snowed today but it was too warm and wet so the snow didn’t stick around. I could have gone to the Aquarium but I stayed home on the chance I’d catch some snowflakes.
I definitely think this is PMS now, I do have logical reasons to be angry but no matter how many brownies I eat or pillow smashing happens I can not get myself into normal mode. Scratch that, I’ve eaten 3 brownie bites – not the packages by some company, these tiny muffin shaped brownies…ANYWAY a good cup of tea and a SINGULAR piece of brownie helped me calm down but sitting here in front of the computer…I feel anger slowly returning.
I am all sorts of angry and sad and I don’t want to deal with those evil lines in my photos or finish this entry.
I’m gonna sit in a corner and pout now.
-Bad touch Bear



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