Uninspired and unsatisfied.


Last Friday I had the opportunity to photograph children instead of going to the aquarium with ‘MABIBBLE’. It wasn’t a 100% agreement that I come along, I was dragged along under the ploy of getting to visit places – see a Orchid showcase, generally doing something different.

I always have this bad habit, of when opportunity knocks – avoid it – Discourage it – Negate it.

Deciding instead of the original purpose of visiting was moving furniture and belongings, I wanted to stalk the two younger children to take photos. I didn’t engage them by talking or giving ques; I’m pretty sure I seemed big and creepy. Children are psychics sometimes; I-Bubbles knew EXACTLY what I wanted. She posed and primped herself and there were plenty of chances to get a shot of her antics but I choose a harder subject to win over – I’ll call her J-Pizza for I bonded over pizza with her.

I was entranced watching her stick markers in her mouth, eat things off the floor, claim a whole 6 slices of pizza and stick a keychain light up her nose. I didn’t laugh, that would have been the normal social response along with stopping these things from happening. Instead I watched and tried to take appealing photos. Photos I am editing now and find them…Boring, Blurry and there are lots of Boogers.

I knew I was out of practice when photographing a human subject but I find all the shots uninspiring.
Some of them are surprisingly framed nicely but the winning shots are always a few increments from crystal focus.

I think it might be time to visit the eye doctor again…Every time I visit its costly.

Now for the part when I mentioned ‘Opportunity’.
The ‘mee-maw’ asked a couple questions. I had went to college for what she was asking so basically doing this project would be a cinch for me. Instead of following up and making sure she got my contact info – I just let the chance go, not just once but twice. She didn’t mention money in hindsight and I-Bubbles was trying to add into our conversation. I sided with the child this time and paid her more mind.
When I told ‘MABIBBLE’ later he said it was for the best – the woman DID abandon me with the kids to make a getaway for a good 10 minutes. Didn’t even say bye just slipped out under the guise of calling their mother.

The second chance of ‘Opportunity’ appeared in being offered money for taking photos of the same kids (in the future) by their mother after I handed over my camera. I honestly wanted her to see what I was photographing because these kids don’t know me and parents can snap at strangers for the most stupid thing. There was praise and the mention of these photographs happening in a park with better weather. I just scratched to be honest, I said I would love to take the photos but made no real arrangements.
Well I guess we will see when the weather gets warmer what happens.

My hunger for stunning photos has not been sated, I have still a shitload of photos to edit while my eyesight lately is blurry.

All I want to do is sleep – the hail from this morning stuck around to where I could handle them for a good 10 minutes but instead I played with the hail.

Is this laziness or am I just enjoying the moment?

J-Pizza and AN-Brother a little before AN-Brother started demanding I photograph his crayons.

– Bad touch Bear


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