I-Bubbles 1 & 2


I-Bubbles 1 by EdibleShoes

Children under (2) are always a pleasure when not howling; although I would LOVE children in general more if they didn’t photo bomb. I have no clue what  I-Bubbles was thinking slide/smashing into the camera.

I-Bubbles 2 by EdibleShoes

I didn’t even bother editing this. God, look at her hair. I think there’s a black and blue on her forehead too. Possible she got that from headbutting the camera.


At least these aren’t full on blurry with boogers; I seriously hope when I have kids, they are this cute. OBV they wont be blue eyed blond beauts but I hope for one redeeming feature which might involve potty training.


That’s eons from now.

-Bad touch Bear


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