Accumulative stray thoughts – Entry for 2/3/2015


Grandma decided she couldn’t sleep, going to bed at 5AM. OBVIOUSLY if you play around on FACEBOOK your not going to realize the time and the light from the LCD screen will keep you awake. Don’t think switching to a book is any better; just because you are old does not mean you require less sleep. It is just a ploy to die faster.

Because she didn’t want to go to sleep, I couldn’t sleep well! There were too many lights on and Bear kept thinking it was food time.

I have been treating Bear rough because he ate my TINSEL. If he didn’t eat it someone did an amazing job of hiding it or just threw it out. In the end I know I’ll forgive Bear since he has to shit it out and suffer I’m hoping a little.

I ended up buying 12 USD worth of fly fishing iridescent string called Flashabou. 3000 Strands for me to go nuts over hopefully it will come in shades of pink, blue, purple and not just white like I instructed in a note to the seller. Yea I’m nuts over shiny things; I had planned to use it in a hair piece for a doll I’m supposedly working on.

Its all just an excuse to own more shiny things.

I bought a fake human hair wig off of eBay a while back in Nov/Dec for this doll I’m working on. Then yesterday I compared the strands to doll hair and found what I bought repulsive. I’m thinking of buying doll hair now but where would I buy and how much? I don’t want to spend over 20 bucks where as I only spent 5 on that ugly wig.

I ordered my tea online and it arrived the next day; I have some reviews to write up but since I lack sleep, its easier to ramble.

I wonder where a couple fellow bloggers got off to. Its the new year and some of them haven’t posted anything new – One of them Ady I know is off somewhere; the other people I don’t follow but visit their blogs randomly. Its strange when people just up and get a life after posting almost every day.

I still have no clue how to get you followers to actually comment/interact; its creepy that I have now over 80 followers and only 4 of them actually have commented on this blog.

This weekend was superbowl and I had too much pizza the night before preventing me from doing anything. (That really means making MABIBBLE go to his friends house where I’d eat and photograph people/things) I really feel like I missed out on some fun but I was so salt bloated! I realize when I’m not feeling good the best thing to do is actually go outside but there are people there and I don’t like people too well. ESPECIALLY PRETTY AND SKINNY ONES.

I’ve been getting Jealous over things lately; really stupid things too! I have to wonder what am I missing in my life (besides sex) that has me so miserable.

Yea I said it – Valentines day is coming up and I already got chocolate, that’s all I’ll get.

Sometimes I think I’m a Sociopath since I cant understand people’s motives. Then I just come to the conclusion I’m not the one who is mentally ill since I don’t go out of my way to hurt people’s feelings and start fights.

An Auntie who isn’t related to me biologically had some strange form of Cancer. She is in remission but because of that, she is limited in what she can eat and drink. She keeps giving me Teavana loose teas – I don’t want to complain about free things but I don’t want artificially flavored and sweetened tea either!

I’m waiting for the battery on my Grandmother’s TV remote to die. When it happens, I will then gloat since I warned her new batteries were needed and I really just hate TV’s. I hate how men always want a bigger square inch piece of wall blocker. I hate that there is always a sale for a better TV. ..Its really I don’t like that the people in my life are amazingly DEAF and must increase the volume, chasing me out of the room because its just THAT loud to me. It also takes away from chances to have real conversations.

I have to make a mess. I cleaned for company and cant find anything.
I vacuumed before they came over and the rug is already gross with Bear hair so its only natural.

I have a load of other thoughts swirling around my head but those are important and I have to take the garbage out.

-Bad touch Bear


3 thoughts on “Accumulative stray thoughts – Entry for 2/3/2015

  1. Loud TV drives me nuts too! And I agree – surfing the net at night will keep you awake Grandma. Best to dim the screen light. Surprised there;s still no sign of your tinsel – i was looking forward to reading about shiny poo from Bear! πŸ™‚
    If you want more commenters all I can suggest is visit lots of other bogs and comment like crazy. Ask questions, on their posts and in yours. Soon you should have far too many! πŸ™‚
    I also wonder where people suddenly go – would be nice if they just write one last bog – Cheers folks I’m off!

    Liked by 1 person

    • He is a big cat…I assume it might actually be stuck somewhere in his stomach and I’m currently doing a food reduction. He needs to loose weight. I went out today and dug three strands out of some snow; Bear saw them and came running and howling.

      Bastard. I’ve been commenting on other blogs; I’m thinking it also has to do with the username I choose.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You found some in snow?? Sheesh – Rat Cat!
        I dunno about comments – seems to be only about 10% of my followers are actually following. Lots no longer blog at all, or are “adverts”.
        I like your Blog name, and little bunny πŸ™‚ Probably why i noticed you in the first place! haha


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