One fat sucker, Entry for 1/26/15


Snowflake1 by EdibleShoes

Ahh…I don’t even know how to formulate what I was doing for the past 2 hours so just look at the picture and figure it out yourselves. Those past two hours don’t include editing either; apparently CS5’s Photoshop doesn’t deal with Raw photos – a format I just started using. Eventually I downloaded a program and when my .RAW was turned into a .NEF I was greeted in Photoshop with a new dialog box for editing.

My back and neck hurts.
Sooner or later I’m going to figure out how to get real personal with these snowflakes, all the tutorials I’ve read are Cannon based. Nikon doesn’t have this button that makes the camera work without a lens as far as I know.

I COULD dig out my first DSLR…But there are things ontop of things and ‘insert-an-excuse-here’.

Expect more photos – NYC finally seems to be getting some real snow.

-Bad touch Bear


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