Uninspired flop- Entry for 1/23/15


I’ve re-written this entry now four times; the first was a bit otherworldly sounding, the second too complex and the attempts afterwards contained no humor as I would have liked; I guess today I just don’t feel funny.

‘Need more sleep…’


Have you ever woken up and just felt like you didn’t want to talk at all? How would you go about communicating? Eyeblinks?

Just having a non-verbal day I guess.

-Bad touch bear

Today’s entry is logged under Express Yourself– Weekly photo challenge.



3 thoughts on “Uninspired flop- Entry for 1/23/15

    • I love it when animals grunt – I wonder what a Chihuahua grunt sounds like, high pitched?

      I had to look up babycore; I saw it from one of your posts and didn’t know what it was – Since its out of the question, what about dressing like each other?

      Then again, where would one purchase doggy eye glasses?


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