Mrs. Periwinkles, the conartist. Poetic entry for 1/21/15


How sharp a eye can be with spectacles used to see?
Or is it something else in my parts,
something wrong and twisted in my heart;
where I cannot allow deception to be?
Is it greed, is it intelligence? Is it perfection or plain arrogance?
You will not pass! You will not pass!
A crack, a chip, a mistake with print.
A smudge turned grudge, I will not budge while kindly holding something necessary hostage.
‘Let us settle this properly without fight –
I will accept a partial grievance with the utmost delight .’
I say this to many previous owners with a dark glee.
For no one is fully wrong or right, it all involves light.
Be meticulously vigilant while selling your wares!
Done so rightly I can only repartee.

There is certainly something wrong with my eyes, no crook has yet robbed me of sight.

{Sometimes when I find error with a item I have bought online – It might be something lacking from description to physical damage on the item. I really feel sly since this ‘sharpness’ is rewarded, I also feel amazingly guilty.}

– Bad touch Bear


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