I hate you TD Bank


I feel like someone just sucked the life out of me; taken all my joy and energy. Why couldn’t they just take my pants and socks? I don’t like TD bank anymore.

How is this bank convenient when I just waited 10 minutes to speak to a representative? In the past I’ve had people ‘accidentally’ hang up on me or try to sell me products that cost money. Isn’t TD known for free savings? Or is it just those ugly pens and crappy tasting lollipops?

Maybe my blood sugar is low causing me to feel irrational but all I can do is think of the times I incurred fees when my bank account was in positive standings, trapped my money in CD’s whose rates dropped from 1.50 to .75 (2009 -2010), got talked into shitty TD Ameritrade and had to pay for checks when if I did it another way – they would have been free since it was a new account. Their online banking home page looks like crap – Who designed it?! For the longest time my username log on was my social number! The ATM’s don’t give stamps anymore, TD Ameritrade is a different ‘brand’ so to deal with them you have to go to a main branch dealing with that ‘brand’.

Currently I have a check that is ‘Pending’, that’s what brought up this bad blood. I deposited it Saturday and it probably wont clear till Friday – IF I’m lucky. Then once deposited, I’ll get shit interest compounded. Online banking. That’s the way to go and its been how I’ve banked for a while; I only keep a TD account to transfer money & withdraw from the ATM. Ally banking doesn’t charge fees and you can use any ATM but its hard to give up TD bank for some reason.

Perhaps I’m still fooled into thinking they are the most convenient bank in America.

I plan to check out GE Capital banking soon too for their interest rates – Maybe I was just hungry, I ate something and feel a little better…Nope.

Anyone know of a FDIC insured bank with high interest rates?

– Bad touch Bear


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